Yet Another Three Manchester Coffee Shops

I’ve written two blog posts (1, 2) about Manchester coffee shops, and a whole post dedicated to brunch, but I drink a lot of coffee, and spend a lot of my time eating brunch, so naturally I have three more coffee shop recommendations for you today. Here are three of the best coffee shops in Manchester for next time you need a caffeine hit in the North West.

I’ve known about North Tea Power for a very long time, and despite living literally around the corner for a year I never went in. I’m not sure why I didn’t considering it’s pretty much a perfect spot to work from home not from home. They do good, cheap coffee, have plentiful plug sockets and decent Wi-Fi, and the tables are big enough for two of you to sit opposite each other with laptops. They have a small food menu that does the job for when you’re getting peckish around 1pm, and the simple, pared back interior makes it a calm place to work. It’s definitely a new favourite of mine for when I need to get stuff done.

If you’re not a local, Pot Kettle Black can prove hard to find. It’s tucked inside Barton Arcade, which itself is sandwiched between Deansgate and St Anns Square. I’m always surprised when people can’t find it, because once you know it’s there you can’t miss it. I prefer to go to PKB for coffee, cake and to relax with a book rather than to work, as the interior is quite crowded in a way that’s lovely and cosy for chilling but would drive me mad if I was there to work. The coffee is decently priced, and they also do smoothies and cocktails (which are a fiver after 3pm!). As with most coffee shops these days, they serve a cracking brunch, as well a few lunch options; it’s one of the pricier places to grab your breakfast though, with the cheapest thing on the menu being a blueberry smoothie pot or eggs on toast for £6.

Another place people tend to miss is Grindsmith, which moved from Deansgate to a much larger premises on Bridge St nearby. It has one of the prettiest facades around, with a fairly glorious floral display adorning the whole building. I like to work there but only if I’m on my own as the tables are quite small and there’s no way you’re getting two laptops and two coffees on there without making a mess. The coffee is excellent, the food is good, and the Wi-Fi decent. Most of all though, it’s instagrammable as hell.

These are three of the best coffee shops in Manchester, in my humble opinion. There’s a thriving coffee and brunch scene in the city, and no doubt there will be more posts about even more coffee shops as they open and as I branch out more. I’ve been limiting myself to the city centre with these posts, but I think it’s time I branched (brunched?) out and explored the suburbs of Chorlton, Didsbury and Prestwich, all for you guys. Yes, it’s definitely just for you and not an excuse to eat french toast way more often.


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