Yes Woman

Since my life has gone all topsy-turvy lately and I’ve completely lost track of which way is up, I’ve adopted a new approach for the next few months. In classic Jim Carrey style, I’m saying yes to everything.

No, my hair didn’t magically grow back – this a throwback to my shoot with Eilis in April.

I’ve always been someone who actually tries to say no to social engagements and extra work commitments, simply because I know that I can become easily overwhelmed. I often end up agreeing to do too many things at once and fret about getting everything done, so I’ve spent much of the last few years deliberately saying no to parties, events and opportunities for fear of ending up too stressed out to function. This new approach is the absolute antithesis of everything I’ve been working at for the last couple of years, but I think it’s really important to change my approach as my life changes.

A surprising number of opportunities have already come my way, some of which will hopefully bear fruit over the next few months and that I’ll be able to share with you all. I’m at serious risk of taking on too much and ending up as stressed out as I normally do, but I’m really trying to roll with the punches and take it easy. Worrying takes up far too much of my time and makes me much less productive, so if I cam banish that worry I may actually manage to get shit done.

I don’t know of an easy way to just not worry – if I had a cure for that I’d be a millionaire – but I think it requires a change of mindset. I’m finding that keeping busy and not dwelling on things is really helpful, and I’m getting a hell of a lot more done. Easier said than done, but so far so good! God knows where saying yes to everything will get me, but if I find that I’m starting to stress too much about it I’ll dial it back a bit.

So hit me up! Send me offers, give me ideas and generally challenge my mindset. Keep your eyes on my blog and social media for new and exciting things (hopefully) coming soon.

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