Write What You Know

Sometimes, I need a little reminder about why I write. This usually comes after a period of a few weeks of limited content, in which I’ve become increasingly frustrated and depressed by my lack of creativity, banging my head against the wall and wondering why I can’t come up with any original or interesting ideas. I always come back to the same answer: write what you know.

‘What I know’ doesn’t mean you’re going to get an essay on insurance law in the Philippines (thanks day-job) or a research paper translating Sumerian curses (thanks degree). I know a little bit about lots of things, but, for me, what ‘write what you know’ means writing about life as I am currently experiencing it. While I might be wishing that I was holidaying in Mauritius, or skiing in the Alps, or wandering the snowy streets of New York (can you tell I need a holiday?), my reality is very different. I could write a wistful, wishful fantasy travel piece, or I could put together a lookbook for the office Christmas party they forgot to invite me to, but they don’t reflect my real life, and are likely to sound as fantastical and unrealistic as they are.

My actual life at the moment is full of contrasts. I have a hole in my sofa and can’t afford to buy a new one, but I can afford to spend a small fortune on Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. I have better friends than I ever have, but I feel isolated and unable to talk about some parts of my life. I feel more at peace with my decisions and standing up for what I want, but I’m less sure than ever about what that is. This is what I should be writing about. As with every post like this, every time I give myself a written reminder about what it is I want to be writing, I think this is it. I’ve solved it. The reality is that these reminders are a cycle, and I drift in and out of love with writing as I forget what it is I should be writing about. Here’s to the next cycle, and when in doubt, write what you know.



  1. January 4, 2020 / 3:25 pm

    I love this, Bethany. Writing what you know can be so easily forgotten and overlooked, but I find the most joy out of doing it when I’m back in the swing of things. I used to keep a diary as a child, and I think it’s that same nostalgia or sense of ownership that comes back when I write about what I know. It feels good to know what I’m talking about (and for people to be interested!) sometimes 😉

    Psst I’m very up for hearing more about your holey sofa and finding exactly what you want from life xxx

  2. March 10, 2020 / 8:51 pm

    Love this post. I frequently have a blogging crisis and think oh my goodness what on earth do I write about next?! The way you’ve worded it though about writing what you know, seems so simple yet I always struggle to do it. I love using my blog as a creative escape and a place to update people on things and think in the past I’ve put too much pressure on myself worrying about if people are reading it. Instead, I need to focus on doing it for me and writing about what I know and love.
    Fab post, can’t wait to read more lovely.
    Hannah (hannahshappyhour.com) xxx

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