Working From Home Not From Home

Working From Home Not From Home

Working from home can be completely wonderful; you can stay in your ‘jamas, shower at 2pm and generally be a bit of a slob like in your student days. However, I work from home four days a week, and living a life of sloth gets pretty tedious – and if we’re being honest, it’s not particularly productive – and sometimes you just need to get out of the house. I live on the edge of Manchester with easy access to the city centre and the suburbs, meaning there are coffee shops GALORE for me to work in. I’ve written about my favourite coffee shops in Manchester twice (one and two) before, and while there’s some crossover this list is much more focused. So without further ado, here’s a little list of the best coffee shops in Manchester to work in.

Foundation Coffee House

Northern Quarter. Minimalist, modern interior with good music and productive vibes. Serves great coffee, brunch and extremely tasty sandwiches.

Big tables, nice big window seats but they can get pretty hot in the sun, lots of plug sockets and decent wifi.

Chapter One Books

Northern Quarter. VERY quirky interior, relaxed vibes, serving tea, coffee and cake.

Open until midnight every day, can get quite busy and the tables are on the smaller side, but if you get a desk by the window you’re golden as there are loads of plug sockets and plenty of room.

Ezra and Gil

Northern Quarter. Serves decent coffee and tea, plentiful and excellent brunch.

One of my favourite places in Manchester to work if you can get a good spot. Some tables are designated laptop-free to stop the place becoming saturated with us laptop people, and I can’t say I blame them. If you’re on your own a window seat is perfect with plug sockets and a high stool, although they’re on the smaller side if you need room to spread out papers and stuff. Although it gets very busy, being in the Northern Quarter you have a whole load of other places nearby as a back up.

Caffe Nero

All over the city, but especially the one by the Midland Hotel on St Peter’s Square.

Nero is underrated in my opinion. It’s the quietest of the big coffee chains and generally the most relaxed atmosphere. There are usually quiet corners hidden away from the main tables, and this particular branch has a mezzanine floor tucked away that’s perfect for working.

Idle Hands

Northern Quarter, Piccadilly end. Great coffee and food.

My current favourite place in the city, Idle Hands is brilliant. A pared back interior, tonnes of plants, giant window seat desks with lots of plug sockets and the best mushrooms on toast in the city.

Porter and Cole

Northern Quarter, Victoria end. Coffee, limited food menu and lots of excellent sweet treats. Also sells awesome homeware.

Porter and Cole are the names of the two dogs you’ll often find chilling in this coffee shop, one large, sleek and lolloping, the other a small spaniel. There are plenty of plug sockets and big tables, although I prefer to go here in summer as I find it can been a bit cold at times.


Bridge Street and other locations. Serves fantastic coffee and brunch.

The photos for this blogpost were taken at Grindsmith’s Bridge Street location, which is similar in vibe to Foundation with a modern interior. Lots of big tables, plug sockets and good wifi.

I’m currently attempting to branch out of the city centre and work in new places, so I’m sure I’ll be back soon with a whole load of other places to work out and about. Hit me with any recommendations or places I’m missing!

Photos by Rugged Wisdom.

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