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Lately day trips to not-very-far-away-places have become a thing in my family.  My Mother, Grandmother and I have been all over the North West in the last few months, and last weekend was no exception.  We headed over to Rivington Pike in Warrington for a wander, as it was a place my Grandad used to go to a lot when he was alive.  Rivington Barn is a meeting place for bikers in the most part, which was the reason for his love for the place.  It was a long, muddy walk up to the top of the pike, but we had a great time, even if I did manage to rip my favourite jeans while climbing trees.

 Interior of Rivington Barn

 What my Mother would call “A tree that was bitten by a snake”.  Still no idea why she calls them that.

 Moments before I climbed higher and fell out of this tree, ripping my jeans open. I was slightly indecent for the rest of the day.

 The Pigeon Tower (no, really).

 View of Cheshire from the pike.

 This is probably my favourite photograph, probably because I love these steps.

 Grandmother sneaking up on some sheep.

 Apparently this was a zoo back in the day…?

 A little bit of Rivington Barn exterior.

 There you have it!  Hopefully you enjoyed this little snapshot into the day, and I’ll be back again tomorrow with something new, as this is part of my Blogtober series where I post every day.  Check out my other posts from this month and see whether I actually manage to even think of 31 topics!

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