What’s In My Bag, Rubbish and All

There are a lot of what’s in my bag blog posts and videos floating around, but they’re generally along the lines of “oh, look at this beautiful purse inside my designer handbag, and my perfect moleskine and matching fountain pen”. This isn’t like that. I bought this cute little circle bag from La Redoute a few weeks ago and I loooove it. Sure, the zip sticks a bit and it’s a pain to get open, but I love the way it looks. 

This was the contents of my bag after a very brief trip to town to buy a pair of tights and book a hair appointment. I was left with:

Harris Tweed Coin Purse

A gift from my Aunt a few years ago, mostly full of coppers

Radley Key Purse

From the same Aunt because she’s an absolute babe. This is perfect because the size of it means I can actually find my keys and they don’t scratch any screens. 

Free card wallet that came with my Oyster card

I am in serious need of a proper card wallet. This is slowly falling apart and I’m forever losing things that fall out of it. I keep a crazy amount of cards in here, namely my Oyster card, rail card, credit card, debit card, driving license, superdrug card (no Boots card because I lost it and they’re taking ages to send me my new one), air mail stamps (why???), 1st class stamps, tram season ticket


These are clean! I was a bit sniffly with a summer cold when I left the house so better safe than sorry. I hate sniffing and would much rather just blow my nose.

M&S receipt for a REN facemask and a pair of tights

 Went in for tights, left with a face mask as well. Very much looking forward to trying this out! I also went down to the food court afterwards and bought garlic mayo because M&S does the best one going, and also ate a meatball wrap because I was starving.

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick

The shade Very Victoria is a real fail safe for me and it has appeared on this blog several times. It’s usually lurking at the bottom of one of my handbags. Interestingly, this has actually been through the washing machine. I left it in the pocket of some jeans and it, surprisingly, seems okay!

Nivea lip balm

Because I get dry lips and this stuff is so much better than Vaseline. 


These are from & Other Stories and are awesome. I love the shape of aviators and I think they suit my face shape.


‘Nuff said. 

iPod Nano and earphones 

This iPod is seriously old school. Half the time it won’t switch off and half the time it won’t switch on. I’d buy a new mp3 player or something but makeup/clothes/rent take priority. 


Just rattling around at the bottom. 

Does anyone ever carry anything really odd in their bags? I once carried a frying pan in my handbag on a train to Birmingham, and on a similar trip I had seven mangoes pretty much spilling out of a bag that was way too small to hold them.

Stalk me!

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  1. La Coco Noire
    July 9, 2017 / 9:50 am

    omg yassssss garlic mayo from m&s – talk to me! i wish i had this in my bag right now haha. yep, i think the oddest thing i carried around in my bag was a mini beer pong table…it was in there lost at the bottom for about a month!katie xx lacoconoire.com

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