What’s In My Bag? | Burgundy Fossil Bag

This burgundy delight was a birthday gift from (I think) my Nan and my brother, who both chipped in for it.  The uncertainty is down to the fact that I saw it, loved it, bought it with my own money, and was then asked by various family members if they could buy it for me.  It got a bit confusing but either way, I ended up with birthday presents I absolutely love.

Although quite small, I can get a fair amount into this bag, although I did break my rule about never owning a bag that I can’t get a spare pair of shoes in.  Even so, I can get the bare essentials in for a day running around town, as with its two large zip pockets and an open pocket at the back it’s surprisingly capacious.

Despite the fact that it’s currently October, I always carry some sun cream with me, and it’s usually this one.  I’ve mentioned the La Roche Posay Anthelios before so I won’t ramble on here, but I frequently wear it as a primer underneath foundation and have no qualms about topping up or using it on my arms and d├ęcolletage if the sun starts to poke its head out. The sun is my enemy and I am always prepared for battle.

I go pretty much everywhere by train, so I keep my Oyster card for when I’m down South and my rail card in this little wallet.  I think I need a nicer one as this one isn’t great and I keep ripping it and stealing other people’s.  I also apparently keep an abundance of used rail tickets for some reason.

Hand sanitiser isn’t something I always carry, but if I’m going out for a meal and getting there by train or bus, as I am today, I always chuck this in.  You can’t go wrong with Carex in my opinion, and this one smells of strawberry laces which brings me untold joy.

Hand cream is an essential for me in the winter months, as I get quite dry hands since I always forget my gloves.  In the summer I don’t bother with it but Soap & Glory is my saviour when Autumn rolls around.

I love these earphones because I can’t feel them when they’re in my ears, making me feel like I really am in an epic movie as I stride down the high street, dodging the various charity canvassers.  I’ll admit the sound quality isn’t great, but I break earphones so often it doesn’t seem worth investing in a decent pair.

A pretty obvious thing to be in my bag, this Bailey and Quinn purse was a gift from my Nan last Christmas.  It’s pretty huge and takes up most of my bag, meaning I do tend to keep everything else pared down.  I’m a big fan of gold hardware on bags and purses, as you can probably tell by now, and this has room for all my crap and seemingly hundreds of cards.

I love this little Radley key purse that was a gift from my Aunt a few years ago.  It’s bright pink, meaning I can actually find it in a dark bag, and the size of it means I rarely lose my keys anymore.

Ordinarily I carry this lip balm and the day’s lipstick, but today my makeup is pretty heavy on the eyes, and since my lips are quite pink on their own I’m just wearing a slick of lip balm.  I’m not one for splashing out on lip balms as the cheap ones seem to do the job just fine and I get through them like nobody’s business in Winter.

That’s everything in my bag for today! I now need to run out the door because of course I decided to write this instead of getting to the station early.  The obvious omission to this post is my phone, which I generally keep in my coat or jeans pocket.  I almost always have pockets and have even been known to get pockets sewn into things that don’t have them where possible.  Pockets are important to me.  Now, I really need to go so I’ll leave it here for today!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post, and if so keep an eye out as this is part of my Blogtober series where I post every day in October.  Check out my other posts from this month and see whether I actually manage to even think of 31 topics!


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