Tonal Dressing: Green on Green on Green

Tonal Dressing: Green on Green on Green

Tonal dressing has never really been my thing. I suspect my dislike for matching colours was born from  my Nan’s love of it, a woman whose favourite outfit makes her look like an adorable plum, as absolutely all of it is the same shade of purple. Since she took care of me a lot when I was younger, I often wore very matching outfits as a child, and I was never really into it. These days I’m one for wearing complementary colours, occasionally clashing ones, but very rarely matching. However, it’s a growing trend, and I have to admit that when done right it looks really chic. If I was ever going to have a go at tonal dressing, it was always going to be green.

Green tonal outfit; all green outfit

Green is a huge colour in my wardrobe, and therefore one of the easiest outfits for me to pull together from pieces I already own. Whether you’d call this green tonal outfit “chic” is up to you, but I definitely had a lot of fun wearing it. It was perfect for my shoot with Eilis, who pretty much immediately had me clambering in all sorts of greenery to really up the green vibes.

Green tonal outfit; all green outfit

To make tonal dressing work for me I knew that I wanted to incorporate lots of different shades to avoid just being one block of colour. I’ve had this forest green top for years and very nearly got rid of it last year after I saw myself in it and felt fat, and I’m SO glad I didn’t. It has the most incredible batwing sleeves that I’m forever getting in my food but also compel me to twirl like a loon at any given opportunity. The green trousers are actually a little big and could do with taking in, but I wear them as much as humanly possible for work. They’re more of an emerald green shade with a bit of a blue undertone, so I felt they were different enough from the top to not blend together. I love the shape of them as they drape beautifully and dead comfy, and are cropped enough for a boot in winter or showing a bit of ankle with a smart flat in summer. I considered layering with my big green trench coat, but my recently purchased Native Youth corduroy blazer seemed like the perfect way to still be green but a bit more neutral than my other pieces, as it’s more of an olive shade. Astonishingly, I don’t have a green pair of shoes, so I kept it simple with these black patent flats that make me feel very witchy. Overall the whole vibe felt a bit forest-witch-that-works-in-an-office to me.

Green tonal outfit; all green outfit Green tonal outfit; all green outfit

I really enjoyed this green tonal outfit, but I’m not sure how it would look with other colours – I assume black doesn’t count? I have a lot of rust and orange tones in my wardrobe, but that would be much more of a statement. It might be a bit much but maybe you’ll see an all orange outfit on here soon! For now though, green tonal dressing is likely to become something of staple.

Portrait in flowers

Photos by Eilis Anne

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  1. May 3, 2019 / 8:22 pm

    I love the style and colour of your forest green batwing sleeve blouse you styled with the emerald green trousers,
    and I love the settings and poses for your outfit photos.
    The pretty shade of lipstick you were wearing complements the colours of your outfit very nicely.

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