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When it comes to brows I am astonishingly lazy. For someone who will happily make themselves late for work blending eyeshadow, I tend to forget about my eyebrows. Part of this is that when my fringe gets long they’re hidden by a big ginger curtain, but part of it is that for the longest time I never did anything to them. I don’t think I even plucked them until I was sixteen, and that was only ever getting rid of the few that grow in the middle. 
Nowadays I pluck them about every two weeks but very minimally compared to a lot of people. I get rid of those pesky ones in the middle and a few of the strays that grow between the ends and my hairline, but generally, I leave them alone. I quite like how straight they are, and have never felt the need to pluck them into a more sculpted shape; I like leaving them fairly natural. However, my brows are a bit on the sparse side, and a little pale for my already hella white face, so a brow mascara has been my go-to product when I actually remember to do something with them. I’ve been alternating between three different mascaras of late, in an attempt to beef them up a little while darkening them slightly. You may have spotted them in my Overpacking for Scotland post last month! They’re of varying price points and I’ve had mixed results so I figured it might be of interest for any fellow lazy-brow folks!

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Chocolate Review

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Chocolate

At £6 this is cheap as chips (or cheaper if you live down South), and NYX’s brow mascara also has the largest shade range of those featured in this post, with five to Zoeva and Benefit’s three. I went for the shade Chocolate which is a lot lighter than it looks online. However, all of NYX’s shades seem to run a bit warm with not a lot in the way of cool tones with the mascaras. I tested basically all of NYX’s brow range while helping my (very cool toned) Mum look for a new brow pencil, and can say that it only seems to be the mascaras that run warm. 
It’s really more of a setting gel with a bit of colour to it, rather than adding any oomph. If all you want is a something to darken and set your brows this could be a good bet, as it doesn’t leave my brows feeling crispy and lasts well throughout the day. If you want something to make brows look fuller, either go for something different or combine this with a pencil. The packaging is a bit cheap feeling, but for six quid, who cares? 

Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix in Bistre Review

Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix in Bistre

I feel like Zoeva really needs to improve their shade range here. At only £8.50, the Graphic Brow Fix isn’t mad expensive, but their shades are super weird. Ammos is a very pale looking blonde shade, Bistre, which I have, is quite a dark brown, and Arsenic is almost black. Ammos looks warm toned and Arsenic very cool, but it’s hard to tell online. Bistre, although pretty dark on me, is neutral in tone. It’s a bit of a statement when I wear it, and I feel like I need to balance my darker brows with a statement lip or at least remember to wear eyeliner, but I love that it’s neither too warm or too cool. 
The formula is a bit on the runny side and definitely doesn’t contain any fibres or make my brows any more voluminous; it is, after all, described as a Brow Fix, and that’s what it does. It fixes your brows in place and gives them a bit of a tint. The packaging is actually really nice, with that nice velveteen feeling to the plastic (not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me). I love the neutral tone but the colour is a bit severe for most days, definitely requiring me to have a bit of blusher on. I really like this and will continue to use it, but only days where I’m feeling a bit washed out and want to give my face some more definition. 

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light Review

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light

This was my very first brow mascara, as you can probably tell by the fact that all of the writing has rubbed off the packaging. At £20 for this tiny tube, I would have expected the packaging to be a bit better as this actually happened pretty quickly. I have the shade Light, and honestly, it’s just okay. It’s a bit cool toned for me, but the actual colour isn’t that much different to my bare brows.
Gimme Brow really does boost your brows’ volume and you can tell from the first use that it’s packed full of fibres. My brows look way fuller when I use this; I just don’t like the colour! The fibres also mean that it gets a bit gross and messy very quickly as everything clings to itself and you end up with some clumps in your brows which you have to brush out. However, it definitely does what it says on the tin. It will majorly beef up your brows and hold them in place all day; if you can find a shade that works for you and you have £20 to spare and what you really want is more volume, then this is definitely the way to go. If you just want a bit of a tint you’d be better off with NYX’s wide variety of shades.

Of the three brow mascaras I’ve gathered, the ones I think I’m going to continue using are the Zoeva and Benefit options. Zoeva’s Graphic Brow Fix, although a bit dark for me, is a bit of a statement and lasts really well. Benefit’s Gimme Brow, although a bit cool toned, beefs my brows up and holds them in place better than any of the others. NYX’s Tinted Brow Mascara is just okay, and I really miss the fact that it doesn’t have that reassuring suction when opening it; it makes me think it’s going to go off really quickly. 

Have you tried any amazing brow products worth investing in?

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