The Most Versatile Summer Shoe: White Superga

So, in case you couldn’t tell already, I have a new favourite pair of shoes. Trainers aren’t really my thing, apart from very utlitarian running trainers and some old converse that, if I’m being honest, are about half a size too small so I don’t wear them (coming soon to a charity shop near you!). I started looking at trainers online but this was during the chunky trainer resurgence, which I pretty much hate. I don’t know what it is about them, I just can’t get on board with the trend. When it comes to trainers I prefer a slimmer shoe that’s still a little feminine; it means I can dress down an outfit without automatically moving it towards a more masculine or sporty vibe. I eventually decided on a pair of white Superga 2750 Cotu Classics; no one online could decide whether they fit big or small, but I just decided to go for my standard size 6 and hope for the best.

how to wear plaid tartan in summer

I didn’t want to buy new in the name of sustainability and low salaries (yay for the economy and burning planet) so I went to my first port of call: Depop. I found a pair that had hardly been worn in a size 6, exactly the style I wanted for £18, hit buy and they were with me in a few days. I know others have had negative experiences on Depop, mostly selling, but as a buyer I’ve never had any problems. The trainers arrived exactly as pictured and fit great (phew!). If you’d like my hot take on it, I think Supergas fit true to size length-wise, a little wider than average at the toes but standard through the heel. I don’t understand why that would be the case, but I definitely have more room around the front of my foot than normal but they fit snugly at the heel. I’ve found them to rub a tiny bit but only after wearing them a lot and nothing that really causes a blister. Overall, I’m chuffed to bits.

They’ve proven to be even more versatile than I’d hoped, and if you’re observant you might have noticed me wearing them in my last two posts, Summer Outfits On Repeat and Breathing Deeper, because they’re so damn comfy and go with everything.

green dress, white superga trainershow to wear plaid tartan in summerhow to wear plaid tartan in summer

Rather than repeating myself, I’ve styled them up for two very different outfits to share in this post to demonstrate how great they’ve been for my wardrobe and personal style. They go great with a green dress that I’ve worn to a wedding before and successfully dress the outfit down so that I can get much more wear out of it. The outfit with the tartan skirt is something I’ve wanted to wear for a while but couldn’t quite make work with any of my other shoes. This skirt is VERY short, and I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it with any kind of heel or boot as I either feel too exposed or like my leg is being cut off at the widest point – my thighs – without my skinny little ankles to balance it out. The white Supergas are the perfect solution, so you can bet you’ll be seeing me in this skirt a lot more come Autumn. There’s only one more test for them, and I’ll update this post when I get round to trying it: the washing machine. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I tend to fall over a lot; I stumble, fall in the mud at the first opportunity and frequently just end up a bit grubby. White trainers don’t make a huge amount of sense for me in that sense, so naturally I’ll be chucking them in the wash one day and seeing what happens – watch this space!

green dress, white superga trainers

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