The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Hair Accessories

I have a long and uncomplicated relationship with my hair. I like it low-maintenance and dyed slightly more ginger than its natural auburn, and in recent years I’ve gone back to my childhood preference for a fringe. Aside from blasting it with a hairdryer post-shower, regardless of whether or not I actually washed it, I don’t really do a great deal with it. I might straighten it if I’m feeling fancy, and I have some curling tongs that I think I used once, and just keep them in case I can ever be arsed again. Generally though, once it’s dry, it’s done. My hair is slightly wavy, and apart from being a bit fluffy tends to behave itself. As much as I like being relatively carefree about my hair, every now and then I just want to do something more with it. Hair accessories are massive this season so I’ve been attempting to embrace them, and I’ve discovered that hair accessories for lazy girls are the BEST DAMN THING. They make you look like you’ve made an effort when in reality you washed your hair three days ago and are composed of 90% dry shampoo and a fancy hairband.

Lol at Mr Blobby in the background there

Lately I’ve been trying to experiment a little more. It started with this gorgeous green velvet twisted headband which I bought on a whim from Honeysweet Jewellery on Etsy (I also have a necklace of theirs which I wear CONSTANTLY). It’s now my favourite thing for disguising slightly greasy roots that even dry shampoo can’t always sort out, and I feel sort of boho-Parisian when I wear it, which is never a bad thing. 

Inspired by my relatively tame adventures in hair accessories, I went out and spent a load of money on all sorts of things in an effort to try doing something different. There were some definite successes and failures, but the best bits were the simplest. It turns out that bobbles with ribbons attached look cute but get impossibly tangled in about three seconds, and one certain types of clips just give me flashbacks to my primary school days.

The best bits were this green and cream polka dot scrunchie from Topshop – a trend I never thought would come back but am so glad I was wrong – and a very simple gold leaf-shaped clip from Accessorize.

Cooking, writing, DIY – there are a lot of activities for which I simply can’t stand having hair in my face, and the humble ponytail is my best friend. Sure, I could plait it or do something vaguely interesting with it, but throwing it back in a high ponytail is the easiest thing in the world. It can look a bit boring at times, which is why I’m so glad for the scrunchie resurgence. I wouldn’t say it’s an elegant look, but it’s definitely fun and brightens things up a bit. I need to buy about a thousand more since I’m constantly losing bobbles anyway. They’re bigger and brighter, and therefore harder to lose, which means I should definitely buy loads – right?

I bought loads of stuff from Accessorize, most of which looks very pretty until I try to actually wear it and end up a tangled mess. This very simple clip though is a new favourite. One days when I can’t be bothered to wash my hair I like to fill it full of dry shampoo (Klorane is a lifesaver) and then pull half of it back. I’ll generally secure it with a very boring little brown bobble, since clips always seem to fall out. This one however it a real trooper, actually staying in and holding my hair in place on a windy day for hours and hours. I love the design since I’m all about that plant lady lifestyle, and I’m really enjoying jazzing up my very boring hairstyles.  I’ll probably always be pretty laid back about my hair, but hair accessories are the lazy girl’s way of making it look like you made and effort when you really, really didn’t.


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