SS19 Trends I’ll Be Giving A Miss

Now, I’m not about to claim that I’m some serious style maven, but I do like to keep my finger on fashion’s figurative pulse (I’m also fond of fricatives) and now that we’re over halfway through February we can definitely say that we have an idea of what will be all over the shops this Spring and Summer. Fashion is a fickle friend for me, often falling by the wayside as I find comfort in old favourites. Sometimes though, I like to dip my toe into the SS19 trends, so I thought I’d talk a little about the ones I’ll be exploring – and the ones I definitely won’t.


Ball gowns in the day or elegant dressing

Fashion is going a little bit old-school this season. Think puffed sleeves, full skirts and your Nan’s pearls – it’s all looking rather elegant (and maybe a little bit 80s?). As someone who very rarely gets chance to dress up I’m all for this trend, although I might skip the elbow-length silk gloves and just wear heels and dressier dresses more often.


I love pleats and have for years, and although they’re rather tighter this year, a la those crappy paper fans you made when it was excruciatingly hot in Summer and the teachers insisted you keep your blazer one. While I quite fancy investing in more pleated pieces, I already have two fantastic pleated skirts that fit the bill.

Orange red

I love orange more than I love red, but give me a fiery orange-red and I’m here for it. It’s basically the shade of my favourite lipstick, MAC Chilli, and I will take any excuse to wear it. That’s principally how I’ll be wearing the shade this season, but if I see an item in this colour that I absolutely love you can bet I’ll be matching my makeup to my outfit.

Emerald Green

YES please, I will take any excuse to wear one of my favourite colours. Green is everywhere this year, and you’ll find me in emerald or forest green any day of the week. There’s also a lot of lime green around, but the less said about that the better. If you can rock it, you do you, but I’d rather not look slightly unwell for all of Summer.

Big sunnies

I straight-up didn’t get the whole tiny sunglasses thing from last year. This year it’s much less Matrix and much more “I actually want to protect my eyes from the Sun after I didn’t for all of 2018 and also I have a hangover”. They’re big and angular, and if you bought the Celine Tildas a couple of years ago you’re onto a winner, otherwise you’ll have to make do with the inevitable Topshop dupe I’ll end up purchasing. Alternatively, a lot of them look like ski goggles if you’ve got any knocking about.

Bright blue

Blue and I have beef. I love the rich, deeper shades but absolutely despise that pale blue shade that all men in offices have a shirt striped with (also what’s up with that?). I look ghastly in baby blue and amazing in a richer tone, but this season it’s all about brighter blues. I’m talking darker than cobalt and not quite Devil-Wears-Prada-cerulean. It’s a proper Summer sky blue and I’m into it. Fortunately a I have a perfect pleated skirt that I bought donkeys years ago which is almost exactly the colour of the season – it’s the blue version of that tan skirt I lived in last Summer.


A trend of AW18 that’s continuing into the new year which means you’ll be holding onto your beiges and browns for a while longer. While I tend to steer clear of anything too pale (I am oatmeal and oatmeal is me), I have enjoyed wearing lots of gorgeous rusts, and I’m glad that brown is now cool when I wore it for years and was told I looked like – well, you can use your imagination.


Described by Victoria of InTheFrow as Aspen Gold, this deliciously rich yellow shade reminds me of hot summers and syrupy desserts. Jewel tones are definitely a bit of a theme with the aforementioned emerald green and peacock blue, and gold tones are finishing off this selection. It’s a colour I don’t currently have in my wardrobe unless you can stretch the definition to include mustard, so it’s something I’ll be on the lookout for in the next few months.


Bermuda shorts

My instincts are screaming no, as I flash back to my teenage days of knee length denim shorts that made legs look even stumpier than they are. And yet…I see the models on the catwalks looking incredible in them, and if it’s half as hot this year as it was in 2018 maybe I should reconsider them? Perhaps I’ll give them a go, or at least try some on.


Big, voluminous bows in hair, on dresses and blouses were everywhere in the shows for SS19, and I can quite decide how I feel about them. I don’t mind a sleek, understated bow in my hair every now and then, but a giant one on my shoulder? I’m not convinced – but I’m open to it.


Somewhere, buried beneath the debris that remains after moving, there is a straw boater. I always felt a little silly when wearing it but liked how it looked. I also lusted after a straw bag all of last Summer and never bit the bullet and bought one, so maybe now’s the time? The raffia or straw trend seems to be sticking around for another year at any rate.


Despite Pantone choosing it as the colour for 2019, it feels a little bit like 2012 to me. I think I wore the shade a lot back then and wasn’t convinced it suited me. I love a coral lip or blush, which might be how I end up wearing the colour, but maybe I’ll attempt to incorporate it again this year. At the very least I’m not set against it, unlike the trends below.



I live in Manchester. It rains a LOT. Can you imagine feathers in the rain?


I like tie-dye, I really do. But I’ll never be a California beach babe and I’m okay with that. I like tie-dye on other people, but it just doesn’t feel like me.

Cargo trousers

I once mentioned a pair of lilac cargo trousers that were honestly one of my biggest fashion mistakes of my life. I sincerely hope that the many photos of me in them never see the light of day, and I refuse to go back to those dark days.


Hahahahaha no. Just no. I’m not a neon kind of girl.

Pale lilac

I do not wear pastel colours. I DO NOT WEAR PASTEL COLOURS.

Toe sandals

They’re horribly uncomfortable, ’nuff said.

BIG hats

As a girl who once declared that she would forbid all fascinators and absurd hats from her future wedding, I don’t think this one’s for me. I do own a big floppy sun hat that makes an appearance in the Summer, but that’s more about practicality than anything.

Have I been a bit too harsh? Do you like the sound of any of the trends I don’t or do you think I’m completely deluded? And should I really attempt to wear Bermuda shorts? Either way, the SS19 trends look like a lot of fun.


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  1. February 19, 2019 / 12:05 am

    We share some of the same fashion tastes.
    I too love pleats and the colours you referenced,
    and dislike like feathers and cargo trousers.
    The OOTD you styled and wore in the photos above looks very attractive.
    I love the look of the pleated blue skirt styled with the green overcoat.
    Best wishes for a fashiontastic year 2019.

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