Somewhat Less Than Satisfied

In the last few weeks I’ve become complacent. For a good while I was working hard at my blog, spending whole mornings taking the perfect flatlays for instagram and blog posts, spending many an hour writing and writing and writing until I was happy with what I was publishing, and it showed. SpareOom started doing better, I saw my statistics start to improve and I was really pleased with my progress. I felt like I was getting better at this whole blogging jam, and I really enjoyed working hard at it.

Rivington Pike Summit
Steps to Rivington Pike Summit

I think I lost my mojo in the April long weekend when I had four glorious days off and did absolutely no work. As soon as I was out of the rhythm of it I found myself slipping. April’s blogposts, with a few exceptions from the beginning of the month, were a bit sub-par. I failed to realise why I was so dissatisfied with my blog until a few days ago whenI sat myself down and thought about which posts I actually like and enjoy writing. 

Turns out I’m pretty bored of writing generic “this is what I got in the post”, “this is what I bought in Boots” and “these are the lipsticks I’ve worn this month” posts, and you guys are probably pretty bored of reading them. The exception is if I actually have something worthwhile to say. I quite liked writing my most recent My Little Box review, as I was unsubscribing and wanted to talk about why. I found that I didn’t enjoy my most recent book review because I didn’t really have a strong opinion about it, and that reflected in how little care I took with the photography. On a similar note, “monthly makeup” posts are great for flatlays and instagram, but I don’t have enough makeup for every month to be radically different from the last. I may do the odd favourites post going forward, but only when I have something I’m really excited about that I want to share with the world, or at least my small corner of the internet.

Selected pictures from when I did Blogtober last year

The blogposts I actually enjoy writing are the ones that do the best; people can tell when you’re just writing for the sake of getting something out there. I’m currently advertising with the lovely Gwennan again, and at one point when she shared one of my posts I was actually embarrassed by it because she was so positive about it, yet I knew it wasn’t my best photography or writing. I really don’t want to feel like that again.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff Review
From my review of Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight

The kind of posts you can expect to see on Spare Oom is going to change. You’ll see more Days In My Life, Book Reviews (that I’m actually interested in), Beauty Brand Posts or Product Comparisons (as opposed to boring hauls they’ll be more critical and focused so that they’re actually useful), Personal Posts, Reading Lists and Travel Posts. There will be a few Week In Lipsticks and similar things thrown into the mix, but I’m going to try and make them a little more interesting by actually talking about what I’ve been up to and why I chose it, so that it’s not just “I wore this one on Monday, and this one and Tuesday”, which is kind of boring. I’m also going to try and get my instagram back on track; for a while there I was doing really well with the whole theme thing until I got a bit bored of it all. I’m going to try and stick to the cool-girl three themed pictures in a row but allow myself more flexibility and stop being so hard on myself with it. It’s a semi-broken picture sharing website; it’s hardly important in the grand scheme of things. 

From my March Monthly Makeup post

Or at least, that’s the plan. 

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