Something Slightly 70s

Something Slightly 70s

Honestly, this post could just have easily been titled “Something Slightly 60s” because this outfit blurs the line between the decades. 70s style was a massive trend in 2018 and it’s carrying on in 2019, and as much as I love the colour palette and patterns most associated with the decade, the silhouettes sometimes aren’t quite me. The mod-style mini dresses of the 60s were still present in the early 70s, and I feel like this dress captures a bit of both of those decades. Also, lol at the bobble I forgot to take off my wrist for these shots!

The mini length and A-line shape are very 60s, while the orange and navy chevron print and corduroy material give that classic 70s vibe. I’ve had this dress for years, and as it’s quite short I generally wear it in Winter with tights, but on this occasion I really enjoyed dressing it up with a pair of heels and getting my ghost-white legs out. It’s from Bravissimo (then Pepperberry), where I worked several years ago. I bought it with my employee discount (lol does this need #Ad #Gifted?) and wore it to work all the time. It fits beautifully since their clothes are made to accommodate bigger boobs, meaning that this dress is a 12 in the waist but a 16 in the bust – perfect for me.

I shot these photos with Scarlett in Cask in Manchester, and the retro vibes, touches of neon and classic jukebox really helped to pull this outfit together. Overall, this is one of my favourite outfits ever and one of my favourite sets of photos, but in general I’ll probably stick to wearing this dress with tights, as I’m pretty sure half the bar saw my knickers. I really enjoy dressing in between certain styles. I rarely find myself drawn to one specific aesthetic, time period or trend, and instead prefer to walk the line between trends with unusual pieces that evoke elements of both.

Photos by Scarlett Stevens.

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