Short Hair Insecurities

About a week ago I made the impulsive decision to ask my hairdresser to chop off several inches rather than just give me a trim. This clearly wasn’t a well thought out or reasoned decision, especially considering I’ve spent the best part of the week since hating it. I’m slowly coming round to it and getting used to having rather less hair than before, but I’ve found that it’s really changed how I feel about certain outfits. Where before I felt cute and feminine in just a t-shirt and jeans as long as my hair looked nice, I now feel like I want to make more of an effort to balance out my insecurities about having shorter hair.

Midi wrap dress and dr martensMidi wrap dress and dr martens

I feel awful for saying this, but I feel too fat for this hairstyle. Of course, everyone can rock whatever hairstyle they like and look incredible doing so, but I honestly feel like on me this cut makes my face look rounder and I don’t really like it. More than anything I think I need to get used to it, and I’m way too harsh on myself as per usual.

Midi wrap dress and dr martens

However, I am finding that every now and then, with the right outfit, I actually feel a little bit…sexy. I’m not a sexy type of person and I’m okay with that. I definitely fall into the more cute or pretty sort of vibe – I’m never going to be some wily temptress of the night, and that’s fine by me! On the other hand, when I’m wearing a nice dress and my hair is behaving, I’m finding the shorter style can actually look a bit flirtier. There’s a great deal more of my decolletage on show now which has a lot to do with it, and I feel kind of cute and French with it shorter.

I’ve worn this dress before, mostly with Western boots last winter, and it felt a bit too wintery to be wearing in summer. Yet, on a grey day in August when I felt a real need to dress up a little to balance our my hair, this was what I reached for. I’m really enjoying tonal outfits at the moment, so I paired it with my burgundy Dr Martens, and it’s perfect without a jacket for warmer days. Wearing this I actually started to really like my hair and the overall look; I’m sure I’ll come round to this new hair cut in time, but for now I’m definitely not sure. I have moments where I’m seriously feeling myself and other times when I’ll catch myself in the mirror and hate it. I’ll see how I feel in a few months!

Midi wrap dress and dr martens

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