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Lately, I’ve been thinking about the rate at which I read blogs and consume media. Honestly, I read a hell of a lot of blog posts on a daily basis. I tend to use Bloglovin’, which a lot of people seem to have fallen out of love with for some reason, as it keeps me up to date on all of my favourite blogs. I check in every day and pick out at least 10 posts that look interesting. This means that I’m reading a huge amount of content every day, which is great as it means I can pick out my absolute favourites for my Monday Medleys and share them with you guys.

The Pilcrow Pub, NOMA, Manchester

However, of late I’ve been feeling a bit worried about my own content. Some of my posts have felt a little boring, basic and occasionally derivative. I’ve started to think that I’m reading too many blogs, and that’s showing in my own. I don’t want this blog to be a carbon copy of everyone else’s, although there’s an element of inevitability that some content will be similar, such as if you’re talking about common topics like a new makeup brand, the same book or a particular facet of life. Even so, I’ve felt like in a few of my posts lately I’ve lost my voice. I mean, I’m not certain I ever really found it, but a few of them haven’t really felt like me. As such, I think I’m going to cut down on the amount blogs I read. I worry that I’m starting to sound too much like my faves and the only person I want to sound like is me, even if apeing someone more successful might be better for growth or engagement.

For now, I think I might just stick to checking up every few days on my absolute favourites, which include a mix of style, books, beauty and lifestyle. No prizes for guessing who they are if you ever read my Monday Medleys, as they crop up a hell of a lot. In the name of individuality and rediscovering, or perhaps just plain old discovering, my voice, I’m staying away from Bloglovin’ for February.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you on Monday for the usual round-up of the best things I’ve read and watched this week. TTFN.

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