Patches of Green

I absolutely love Manchester. I love the wildly different areas even in the city centre; from the Gay Village to Chinatown, the sleek skyscrapers of Spinningfields to the hipster vibe of the Northern Quarter, there’s something for everyone. The only problem is a serious lack of green spaces. Other cities are littered with parks, and while Manchester has the odd one, and Heaton Park is only a tram ride away, the city centre is seriously lacking in greenery.

The council seems to have recognised this and has started incorporating plants into infrastructure where they can, such as the green wall at Deansgate tram station and the actual trees planted on the platform of St Peter’s Square tram stop. Even so, finding a patch of green that’s not swamped with pigeons is difficult.

On a recent trip to collect a parcel from the big post office in Ancoats, my boyfriend and I stumbled across a blissfully empty patch of grass and trees. It wasn’t big enough to be called a park, too hilly for playing fields, and was squashed between a new block of flats and some takeaways so I’m going with patch.

It was there that my boyfriend took these photos, who is the reason for the smiles in these pictures. I love them simply because I look so happy; I’ve concluded that I’m never going to be one of those people that looks cool and moody for outfit photos. A bit of silliness and joy makes for a far better, if less “blogger appropriate” photo, in my opinion. A walk in winter is one of life’s greatest joys; wrapped up against the cold, your cheeks turning pink and the wind nipping at your nose – I reckon that’s the best way to spend a Sunday morning. I’m planning to make more of a habit of walks like this, so expect more pictures like this in the future. 

Jumper – vintage Jaeger, pinched from my boyfriend | Jeans | Boots – Old Topshop (similar)

I feel like there ought to be more of a point to this post, but the truth is I’ve run out of things to say. I simply wanted to share this morning with you as I had an absolutely fantastic time. Nothing momentous happened, except perhaps when I managed to jump down from that box without breaking an ankle. It was a very ordinary walk, but sometimes the happiest times are the most ordinary.

I’ve been making an effort to embrace the ordinary lately; rather than expecting myself to have something amazing planned every weekend, to always have a holiday on the horizon, or pressuring myself to produce only really exciting blog content, I should be enjoying my life as it is. Self-improvement is great, and I love trying new things and exploring new places, but I do need to remind myself that my life right now is fantastic in the most ordinary of ways. Here’s hoping you don’t mind my more mundane blog content! This is just my life as it is, and I love it.

I recently discovered the paint tool on my laptop and I’m having far too much fun with it. Let me know what you think!

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