Papergang | March 2017

This is my third and final Papergang box, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving a box of themed stationery goodies every month. The only reason I’ve cancelled my subscription is that I now have an excess of stationery. I’m overflowing with notebooks, post-it notes and pads of paper, and it’s going to take a hell of a long time to get through it all. I used to think that you could never have too many notebooks, but I think I may have finally reached that point. I can’t imagine what I would do with a year’s subscription; doubtless, my flat would be full of stationery by the six-month mark. 

This month’s Papergang was designed by the in-house team, and it’s a riot of bright colours and I think it’s my favourite box yet. I was dreading having to give up my desktop calendars with the end of my subscription, but there were two calendars included this month meaning I can add some brightness to my desk for a little longer.

Another pad of post-it notes is always welcome, and this pink and blue one is perfect for scrawling on. My favourite thing from the box was this small notepad, simply because the size is perfect and I love the bright pink against the lilac. 

The work/play A5ish notebooks are pretty cute, with the contrasting colours and differing interiors. The work notebook is ruled while the play version is plain, which I thought was a really clever touch. I don’t really use notebooks for drawing, so I thought I wouldn’t get any use out of a plain notebook, as I can’t write in a straight line to save my life. However, I’ve been thinking about getting back into painting, so I might use these depending on the paper thickness. Don’t expect to see any paintings up on the blog anytime soon, as I’m pretty bad at it but enjoy it anyway.

I love the thank you card included this month; previously I’ve felt that some of the cards have been a bit too niche and the sort of thing that I probably wouldn’t ever use. The design of this one though is pretty and neutral enough that I could use it for almost anyone, and means I’ll actually get some use out of it. Also included was a pencil that, if I’m honest, I couldn’t be bothered sharpening for the photos. I just find pencils such a pain to sharpen when they’re new, but I will use it at some point.

For future stationery needs I’m planning on buying more from independent business owners, as although Ohh Deer is hardly a giant corporate conglomerate, but there are plenty of amazing artists like Gwennan and Jemma that I’d rather support. 

Check out last month’s box here!

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