Packing For Japan in September

I’ve talked about the perils of packing in the past, but this is a whole other ball game. Tomorrow I’m jetting off to Osaka, Japan, where the weather is likely to be…interesting. I’m going to be in Osaka for a week with my big little brother, then have a few days on my own in Kyoto before flying home. Planning was a ball-ache, and it’s not a lot of time to spend in such a far-away place, but needs must and I suspect I’ll be returning to visit my brother at some point in the next year. Weather-wise, we’re going at a pretty bad time. It’s likely to be about 30 degrees and around 100% humidity, and we’re likely to get caught in a few thunderstorms. Not exactly peak pretty picture weather, but I’ll be making the best of it. 

Japan Hand Luggage

The rainy yet warm weather presents a challenge to the packing process. Most of my “rainy” gear is more winter clothing, since that’s generally when it rains in the UK. I don’t deal well with heat anyway, so wrapping myself up in my wet-weather clothes isn’t going to go well and I’ll probably faint on a train. Instead, I’ve gone down the my-skin-is-waterproof-anyway-so-screw-it route. The problem with rain in the UK is that it’s cold, leaving you shivering and damp for what feels like about a week. When it’s hot and rainy however, you tend to dry off pretty quickly, or so I’m telling myself. As such, my concession to the thunderstorms ahead is that I’ve packed my big pink raincoat. That’s kind of it. No wellies or big boots as I’ll be sweltering, just my trusty pink coat. It does get a bit sweaty but I figure I’ll be sweaty already, and, gross as it sounds, I’ll dry off quickly. 

Japan Packing

The rest of my packing is basically a pair of denim shorts, my scruffy loose-fit blue jeans, some loose-ish trousers that are a bit smarter and a knee-length pleated skirt. On top, it’s literally every t-shirt and vest that I own, and I still only just have enough. I’ve thrown in a jumper for the ‘plane and any overly air-conditioned trains, and a flannel shirt to tie around my waist for if things get a little chillier while out and about (which I doubt). I’m taking a pair of sandals and two pairs of flats, and I’m hoping I’ll be okay without my trainers despite the amount of walking I’ll be doing. Fingers crosses I don’t end up with unfortunate blisters but that’s what plasters are for!

I’m going very minimal on the skin care front, only packing SPF (of course) moisturiser, serum, my cleanser and micellar water and my prescription hydracortisone cream because I’m still having allergic reactions to nothing. As for makeup, it’s similarly minimal. I’m travelling with my brother so I’m not exactly dressing up, but for days when I fancy a bit of something on my face I’m taking my foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a lipstick; that’ll do me! 

Let’s see if I regret any of my packing decisions in two weeks’ time!

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