Outfits for Sad Days and Bad Days

Outfits for Sad Days and Bad Days

I haven’t exactly kept it a secret that my mental health is all over the place at the moment. I’ve talked about it a few times (one and two) on here, as well as on my Instagram, and while clothes are definitely not the answer, they can provide a bit of soul sustenance on days when you’re struggling. Concentrating on putting together an outfit that I love and feel good in helps me to calm down, and simply looking a bit more put together automatically puts me in a better mood. There are dark days when I can barely get out of bed, let alone put a pretty dress on, but small steps like showering and getting dressed really help me to feel human again.

This outfit is a mixture of old favourites and newer purchases; I’ve owned the terracotta pleated skirt for years and it has featured on here many times, while the boots were a Christmas gift and the top an absolute bargain from Fabienne Chapot that I picked up in the January sales. All together they make me feel like an absolute dream, as you can probably tell from how much I’m prancing around in these photos.

Whether it’s an outfit like this, which is fun yet feels grown up, or the bottle green trousers I wear to work every Monday that always make me feel like a boss, or the bonkers black and white boots that I can’t get enough of, there are pieces in my wardrobe that change my mood. They’re not necessarily the easiest pieces to wear, which I think is why they have such an effect. They force me to up my game and actually think about what I’m wearing rather than me just throwing on some old jeans and a jumper and slobbing around the house. Going forwards I want to incorporate more items like this into my wardrobe – those special pieces that push me just a little outside of my comfort zone. These are my kind of outfits for sad days and bad days, and wearing them always helps a little.

Photos by Rugged Wisdom


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