Not Giving A Fuck

I’m writing this late at night with a 38.5 degree fever waiting for my oven chips to finish cooking, so WHO KNOWS how this will go. It’s due to go up first thing in the morning so the odds are good and you’re about to get raw, unfiltered and slightly delusional Bethany. For real though, so excited for these chips as I have garlic mayo, baconnaise and tomato sauce so this is gonna be LIT.

You’ve probably read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck or at least seen it if you’re a regular in the blogosphere, but in case you don’t know what it is, the title is basically a riff on Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (also great).

I just shook the chips up on the tray so they don’t stick and my glasses steamed up. Also I’ve lost my smoothie.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck
Lol I almost published this with the wrong picture, the one from my last post, what a knob eh?

ANYWAY, Marie Kondo’s method basically involves chucking out anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. Twee and slightly sickening terminology but the method makes sense and works. Sarah Knight’s book is all about applying that thought process of sorting out your “fucks” and discarding the ones that are a waste of your time, energy and money.

The problem with this though, is that you need to add in an extra step. You can’t just throw out responsibilities and people after deciding not to give a fuck about them, you have to do it in such a way that is polite and truthful; basically, you need to tell people you’re not putting up with their shit without being a wanker. This book takes a long time to say not a huge amount, but I am so on board with the general sentiment behind it. BRB chips are done gonna eat them and watch dumb YouTube videos for 10 mins.

Chips were great; baconnaise is life. SO YEAH, essentially, Knight recommends splitting up your fucks into Things; Work; Friends, Acquaintances and Strangers; and Family, and work through them in that order. This helps you to build up to the trickiest category, Family, so that you’re already practiced at not giving a fuck politely by the time you have to tell your Grandma that you don’t want to go to bingo with her. She talks about the Not Sorry method and walking the thin line between bowing to other people’s wants and being unhappy, or potentially hurting other people’s feelings but not having to do things you don’t want to do.

Without further ado, here’s my current list of things I’ve decided to no longer give a fuck about. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll probably end up continuing to give a fuck about these things, but if I gain any time, energy or money from this process I’ll call it a success.


Blogging every day; I’ll try and stick with this for August since I said I would, but doing this with a full time job is exhausting.

Arguing with my Mum that she needs a new laptop; this is too much like hard work. The battle shall resume near to Christmas. For context, her current laptop is practically run on steam.

The bastards at work; stressing about them is not worth my time, even if I do love a gossip.

Working quickly/working slowly; I’ll work at my own damn pace!

Buffer schedules; ’nuff said.

Pinterest; it’s fun, but I can’t be bothered using it every day.

Work dress code; half the office doesn’t stick to it, why should I?

Instagramming regularly; I’m enjoying using stories at the weekend but I cannot be bother posting every day.

This is just a small snippet of a very long list but I won’t bore you with them all. As an aside, I am sweating like nothing on earth and would like my fever to stop now. Let’s check my temperature…38! That’s an improvement. I’m completely zazzed from this fever and can’t sleep so I think I’ll read a load of blog posts until I’m tired again. Peace out y’all, hope this wasn’t too incoherent.

Have you ever decided to just not give a shit about something?

This post is part of All-in August, where I attempt to post every single day in August, despite it being one my busiest months. Keep up with it here!

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