My Little Box | December 2016

I recently subscribed to My Little Box (MLB), as now that I’m employed again I actually have some money to spend, and spend it I will. 

I was subscribed to MLB waaaay back in February, before I even started this blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed receiving that little box of treats back then; I only unsubscribed because I wanted to try out different beauty boxes. Now that I have that little bit more disposable income, MLB is back with a vengeance and making me regret ever unsubscribing, because December’s Chrismas box is a cracker.*

I absolutely love the design of this month’s box, and it will definitely be getting used again. I tend to keep overflow makeup and skin care in old beauty boxes because I have zero storage space in my new flat. As always, you get a magazine, which this month features recipes for nutella truffles, dark chocolate mandarin wedges and mulled wine; a guide to doing a cute snowy manicure; 5 party hairstyles, some of which I might even manage (I am incompetent when it comes to hair); and an interview with Camille Riou of the jewellery brand Lõu.Yetu, which features in the box’s contents. There’s also a very cute illustrated card, as there is every month; I used to stick them on wall back in my old flat. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them here, but I’m sure they’ll end up on display somewhere as I love Kanako’s (MLB’s resident artist) illustrations.

First of all, can we appreciate the fact that there was a candy cane tied to the front of my box? Because that’s freaking adorable. Then of course, I open the box up and there’s a veritable treasure trove of goodies. The first thing I pulled out was a wee box containing a teeny scented candle. Feu de Bois (firewood), has a very light, fresh scent, and it really does call to mind winter mornings. 

The next thing I grabbed was clearly the best. A pot of SALTED CARAMEL SPREAD. You don’t get that in your Glossybox! I hope you appreciate the fact that the seal is unbroken in the photographs, because that took some serious willpower. Salted caramel is my the greatest thing on this plant, and if my own self control was difficult enough to maintain, the despair on my boyfriend’s face when I said he couldn’t have any (yet) was harder.

In its own little canvas bag was this cute bangle from the aforementioned brand Lõu.Yetu. It’s a cuff bracelet in gold with an engraved crimson stripe running round it. It kind of reminds me of Cyclops from the X-Men’s glasses, but I like it despite that (or because of that).

Also included was a tin of extremely fragrant tea from Kusmi Tea. This is the Tsarevna blend, and it smells bloody delightful. It’s like Christmas in a tea; a mix of black tea, orange and spices and I wish I could smell it forever. I’ve yet to drink any, as I need to dig out my old teapot as it’s a loose leaf tea.

As always with MLB, you get a canvas bag full of smaller goodies. This month there were three things inside the bag, and I had far too much pulling them out one by one and saying “Ooooh!” to the general envy of my colleagues. Of course I couldn’t wait until I got home to open the box, are you kidding? A box of full of treats just for me, I’m opening that shit at my desk.

First up was a travel size L’Occitane (fancy!) shower oil, which I can confirm is heavenly and worth risking a slippery death in the shower for. This is the Amande oil; it foams up in the shower, making you feel really clean despite it being an oil. It has very soft almond scent that is pretty gender neutral, and it left my skin feeling beautifully soft.

I also received a little sample of the Hyperbole perfume by Courrèges. I would love it for the name even if I didn’t like the scent. It’s not the sort of thing I normally go for, as I’m a citrus kind of girl, but I quite like the spiciness of this scent. 

The final item was this little eyeshadow duo from MLB’s own brand, My Little Beauty. These are two very wearable shades; a shimmery taupe and matte brown are colours that I think we all reach for on a regular basis as they’re just so easy to use. I think I might leave this dinky duo at my boyfriend’s place, as that way I always have some eyeshadows there and don’t need to go bare-lidded (that’s not a word at all but I’m going with it) or lug one of my palettes over to his place every time I stay over.

That’s the lot! I can’t quite believe how much MLB managed to pack in this month, and you can bet I’m glad that I re-subscribed. 

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*See what I did there? It wasn’t even deliberate. I’d like to say I’m hilarious and came up with that totally original pun all on my own, but I didn’t. It wasn’t even meant to be a pun. It really is a damn good box and my subconscious just likes terrible jokes. No, really. My favourite joke in the entire world is “A man walks into a bar…ouch”. I’m cracking up just typing this. Someone send help before I get hiccups. 


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