Monday Medley #8

After a break last week while I was in Japan, I’m with a list of everything I’ve loved reading and watching for the last week.

Ancoats Graffiti Bee


I absolutely loved Beth’s post on her experience of wild camping; it’s something I only did once as a child in Scotland, and this has convinced me that I want to do it again some time soon. Click for beautiful photos of the Scottish wilderness!

Millie’s post on the one that got away is one of the absolute stand-outs on this list. She writes with great depth of feeling about a past relationship that didn’t turn out as she expected. While I don’t have a similar experience, the emotions behind the post are extremely relatable. Read it here.

Sam’s travel posts have featured in Monday Medleys before, but they’re just great so this is another one. In this one she’s talking about 48 hours in Paris, and the amount that she and Katy managed to squeeze into that time is astounding. Paris is very high on my list of short city breaks for some time soon, so this post was immediately bookmarked for future reference. Find it here!

Personal style is something I’ve always struggled with, and while I have a better idea of what I like nowadays, it’s still something I’m working towards. Rebecca’s post on the joys of finding your personal style is what I’m striving for and just makes for a really good read. Click for major style inspiration.

It’s not often that a blog makes me laugh out loud, but Rosy’s consistently manages it. This post about thoughts she’s had since moving to London is hilariously accurate and reminds me a thousand times over why I don’t want to live in London. Definitely worth a read!


I finaaaally managed to watch Wonder Woman, having missed it while it was in the cinema, and yeah, it’s really great. The action scenes are a bit over enthusiastic with the slow-mo, and the twist was obvious from the beginning, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s hands down the best DC movie since the Nolan Batman movies.


My diet has been very unhealthy of late, and this recipe for peanut butter brownie oatmeal is no exception to that. I’m giving myself a kick up the bum for the week ahead and get back into healthy eating, but for now I’m going to gorge on chocolate.

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  1. abbeylouisarose
    September 18, 2017 / 2:10 pm

    I absolutely loved Beth's post on wild camping as well, she always comes up with unique and interesting content on her blog! I've still yet to watch Wonder Woman but I really want to, your review has moved it higher up my to-watch list! I definitely need some peanut butter brownie oatmeal in my life too!!Abbey 💖

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