Monday Medley #7

At the time of writing, I’m in Osaka, Japan. I have no idea what the internet/blogging situation is, so this post was written slightly ahead of time. It’s the usual run-down of the things I’ve loved reading and watching in the last week, or in this case until the 31st of August!

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As someone who always seems to end up living far away from friends and family, Hannah’s post on the topic really hit home for me. There are definite disadvantages, but it makes actually seeing your friends again for the first time in months that much better. Definitely worth a read.

I’m pretty bad at eating healthily even while at home, so Charlie’s post on how to do it while travelling is goals. She’s got some tips that would have never even occurred to me and I’ll definitely be implementing some of them if I ever work up to backpacking again! Read it here.

I am loving Paris’ blog at the moment, but this post on individual elephants throughout history really caught my eye. As someone who wrote an entire dissertation about bulls in the ancient world, this was right up my street. Here she looks at the French Revolution, the conquests of Charlemagne and the Sheffield steel industry, and the strange ways in which elephants played a part in each. Find Paris here!

I have major wanderlust, and Kayleigh’s post on European towns and cities she wants to visit just fueled this further. Everywhere on this list looks stunning and went straight onto my ever-growing to-visit list. Click for wanderlust.

Alice has just started a new series called Girls Support Girls and I in love with it. In this instalment, five women share their stories about body confidence and self-image, and it makes for inspiring reading. Read it now!

Gwennan pops up on my blog a lot (sorry not sorry) but I just love her content! Her post on things she’s grown out of went up on my birthday and I loved it. It was so relatable and I’m 100% stealing this idea at some point (still not sorry). Clickety-boo.


All I’ve really watched this week was the new Bake Off, about which I have mixed but overall positive feelings, and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace because my boyfriend was fairly horrified that I hadn’t seen it. The Phantom Menace just generally made me hate Jar Jar, but after reading a theory about how Jar Jar was actually meant to be the ultimate Sith I’m now terrified of him. It sounds ridiculous but seriously, watch this video. It makes the whole film horrifying in hindsight.

And finally,

All I have left to share with you this week are these teeny-tiny doors being installed all over Atlanta, and these Terry Pratchett-esque turtles carrying entire ecosystems on their backs.

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