Monday Medley #5

Another Monday, another load of brilliant things to sink your teeth into; these are the best things I’ve read and watched in the last week.

Monday Medley #5, white sheets and cup of tea
I bought white sheets so I think I can officially call myself a ‘proper’ blogger.



The first thing I want to share with you all today is a bit different; it’s actually an article from The Atlantic, and if you’ve any interest in politics, particularly in the US, you should really give this a read. It’s extremely long, give yourself a good half an hour to read it, but it’s fascinating. In it, Kurt Andersen talks about how the events of the 60s, 70s and 80s gradually led the United States to become disconnected from reality, leading to the current social climate and the ludicrous election of Donald Trump. I didn’t quite know what to think when I finished it, simply sitting back and swearing loudly to an empty room. It makes a great deal of sense but brings no comfort. Make a brew before you start.

Next up is someone you’re all familiar with by now, it’s Gwennan from Twenty Something Meltdown, talking all about how we look for fresh starts as an excuse to wait before starting something. This is something I can seriously relate to, and I almost always end up failing whenever I wait for a new month or year to begin building a habit or making a change. Well worth a read if you’re a fellow procrastinator. Find Gwennan here!

This is an extremely useful post for any fellow bloggers out there looking to up their photography game, as Sally talks about photography mistakes she used to make and how her style has developed. If you’re into flatlays this is a must-read!

I’ve talked about my love for houseplants in the past, but I do have a knack for eventually killing them. This post by Wit and Delight is all about six plants that even I would struggle to kill; they’ve all gone straight onto my to-buy list. Read it here for green-fingered jealousy.

If you frequent Twitter as much as I do, you may have been witness to a storm over a blog post calling for bloggers to write ‘meaningful’ content and abandon the whimsy of marble worktops and flatlays. Needless to say, the blogging world was enraged; Hayley of Tea Party Beauty wrote the best post I saw about why even the most ‘pointless’ of blogs has worth. Find it here.

I’ve been a big fan of Alice’s blog for a while now, but I absolutely loved this post about the jobs she aspired towards as a child. It’s a really fun and interesting read and I really want to pinch the idea for myself. For the record, I still think she could make it as a writer. Click for childhood-dream nostalgia.

Finally, Holly’s post about levelling up in blogging is way too real. I’ve encountered some of these walls myself, but it’s strange and reassuring to know that even the #goals bloggers like Holly have gone through the same things as all us regular joes. Read it here!


Rather than repeat myself talking about Game of Thrones, I thought I’d talk about the other thing I’ve been obsessed with this week, which is Child Genius on Channel Four. It lasted all week with the final on Saturday, and man, it was intense. I won’t spoil who won in case you decide to go and watch it on All4 (which you should). I’m not really a fan of the host, Richard Osman, but the kids and parents completely stole the show. You will no doubt end up with very strong opinions about some children and their families, both good and bad.


I’m currently rather unwell and have no appetite, but Olivia’s salted caramel brownies might just do the trick. I consider it my sacred duty to try anything containing salted caramel, so these are definitely something I need to make and scoff at some point.

And finally,

I wanted to share these crocheted pigeon costumes because did you even read that sentence? CROCHETED PIGEON COSTUMES. Also, make yourself a cape like in Thrones with this handy-dandy IKEA manual.

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