Monday Medley #40

It’s Monday morning and comme d’habitude, I’m running late with this blog post. I’ve been struggling this last week or so to really put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and get the words out. Often I find that if I stumble with one post then I hit a roadblock for a few days and quickly become swamped. This is all coming out pretty easily though so I’m hoping to do some major multi-tasking today and catch up with myself.

Platt Fields Manchester


Once again, I haven’t watched very much this week, my free time generally being consumed by books or PS4 games. I’ve finally got round to starting Dishonored 2 and I’m loving it. It’s difficult in way that isn’t discouraging as there’s always a different way around a problem, and since I’m terrible at the fighting element of the game I’m basically dependent on sneaking, climbing and distractions to get by. It makes for a very tense gameplay situation, and the elements of horror in the game mean I’m frequently scared to death as I inch past a terrifying clockwork robot, desperately hoping it doesn’t see me.


Sophie might as well have her own section on my blog by now for the amount of times I’ve mentioned her in Monday Medleys, but she consistently produces brilliant content that I want to read and share so I’m not remotely sorry about it. She’s currently on a road trip on America’s Pacific Coast and I am insanely jealous. It looks absolutely stunning and she’s having the most incredible time, meaning that I’m thinking that I need to get saving for my long dreamed of American road trip.

On a more sombre note, I wanted to share Lauren’s post about her experience with domestic abuse. It’s an emotional read, but is ultimately uplifting and positive, demonstrating the recovery process at its finest.

Cherie genuinely has one of the best blogs out there, her writing is top notch and her photography is dreamy. This week she talks about the phenomenon of unhappiness in our twenties, easily capturing the heart of the problem as a struggle between time and money. This was probably my absolute favourite read this week and is definitely worth a read today.

And that’s a wrap! Only an hour late but shhh it’s fiiiine.


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