Monday Medley #39

True to form, I’m running late with everything this week, including this post, which is why it’s going up a little later than usual. I seem to have been incredibly busy for the last week without actually having done anything. I did spend some time relaxing over the bank holiday weekend, which was when this photo was taken at Platt Fields Park, shortly before being mobbed by geese, ducks and swan who clearly fancied our sausage rolls. I’m really feeling the need to get out of the city and explore at the moment, which is probably why two of the posts I’m sharing with you are travel posts. I’m getting seriously itchy feet and if a trip to Paris wasn’t already planned for the end of this month I’d probably end up booking a flight to god-knows-where.

Everything I've loved reading and watching in the last week.


After seriously marathoning Arrested Development last week, as well as finishing Safe, this week has been in limbo. We both felt a bit exhausted from all the focused screen time, meaning we didn’t watch much TV this week. Instead I’ve started playing Dishonored 2 on the PS4 and am loving it, even if I’m terrible.


I’m a huge fan of Charlie’s blog, so it’s not surprise that she’s back in my weekly favourites, this time talking about Japan. There was so much of the country I didn’t get chance to see, and after reading her post Laka Kawaguchiko with its incredible views of Fuji is definitely on my list for a return visit!

Milly has one of my favourite Instagram accounts, but I’ve only recently started reading her blog. It’s as interesting and creative as her Insta, and her post about Dubrovnik really resonated with me. Sometimes you don’t absolutely fall in love with your destination, but you still like it and have a good time. This was her experience, and I can definitely relate, having felt the same way about countless other places. The kind of places where you probably wouldn’t bother going to again but still had a great holiday. She talks about this phenomenon as well as the city itself, and shares some wonderful shots of the Old Town.

I honestly think that Jasmine’s blog is one of the best beauty blogs out there; she’s consistently fair and well-informed in her reviews and her tone of voice is engaging and interesting, meaning she’s pretty much the only beauty blogger I still read. This week she talks about her interactions with PR agencies, the good and the bad, and it’s well worth a read.

That’s about it for this week, but I’ve already found so many posts I love for next week’s round up and it’s not even 10am so expect lots next week!

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