Monday Medley #38

Happy bank holiday to everyone who doesn’t work in retail! I am so sorry for you all and so glad that I made it out and into a soul-crushing office job. It’s been a week of sunshine and thunderstorms, although it seems like London got the worst of the storms and Manchester was spared and suffered only suffocating humidity. This week I’m sharing a few more favourites including some really great bloggers, so keep reading to find out who they are.

Everything I've loved reading and watching in the fourth week of May.



My boyfriend and I have been watching Safe on Netflix as an alternative to Arrested Development, which we’ve been marathoning ahead of the release of season five tomorrow. Safe is kind of rubbish, and honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense in some ways as it was clearly originally set in America but has been badly transplanted to the North of England. It was partially filmed in Manchester, meaning we get to hoot with laughter upon seeing how they’ve managed to turn a bar into a slightly different bar for the purposes of the story, and we frequently recognise the areas as local. It’s basically a who-done-it, involving a missing daughter and a mystery surrounding her late mother. For all that it’s kind of rubbish in terms of dialogue and the English conversion, the plot is gripping enough that we’re still watching.


Charlotte’s post about how she’s denying the old adage “comparison is the thief of joy” and instead using it as a motivation to perform better. It’s definitely a fine line to walk but I know what she means about looking at others to inspire you to improve. It’s well worth a read and definitely left me feeling fired up and inspired.

Travel is one of the greatest joys in my life and I’m always looking for new ideas for where to go next (or when I win the lottery) and Beth’s post on three European destinations she’s adding to her list has definitely convinced me to see a little more of Europe. Somehow, I’ve never been to Athens despite studying Ancient History at university, and the Alhambra has long been on my list of things to see soon. Definitely one to read if you’re planning your next holiday!

Imii’s posts are always well-written and this is no exception, as she talks about the importance of creating content you love. I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of making content for the sake of it, and it was very obvious to my readers. I didn’t look happy in my photos and my writing was boring, but I’m on a roll with content at the moment and thoroughly enjoying working on my blog of late.


That’s all for this week, hope you’re all having a warm and sunny bank holiday wherever you are, and if you’re stuck inside at work I hope you at least have air-con. See you next week!



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  1. Nomad
    May 30, 2018 / 6:13 am

    I've just finished Safe and that makes so much sense that it was originally American. I enjoyed it in the end but I did have a bit of a giggle as there was a point where they were in a London tube station and then when they left it they were in Manchester again!

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