Monday Medley #33

It’s Monday and the heatwave is older, my pale pins are safely sequestered beneath trousers again and I appear to be appreciating alliteration today. As always, these are my favourite things I’ve been reading and watching in the last week.

Pink bicycle in Amsterdam


Has anyone else really been enjoying Cunk on Britain? As someone who has actually studied history I might not be expected to enjoy the complete irreverence shown in these mockumentaries, but I just love them. You can clearly see Charlie Brooker’s hand in it, but it’s really just very funny.



My brother is currently in Japan and loving life and I’m seriously missing it. Casey’s post about visiting during cherry blossom season has reinvigorated my desire to return, especially in the Spring. She gives several great tips for specifically visiting in Spring as it’s the busiest, but arguably most beautiful, time of year. Definitely worth a read if you considering visiting this stunning country.
Vix is one of those bloggers that just writes brilliantly and there’s no denying it. She’s overwhelmingly relatable and always hilarious, and her post about talking behind people’s backs is no exception. Vix talks about how she took a long time to learn her lesson, and I appreciate how frankly she speaks about the bad habit she had for a long time. It’s something I’ve definitely done my fair share of talking behind people’s back’s and it’s something I’ve tried to curb over the years but I think we’re all guilty of it occasionally.
I’ve really missed Becky’s blog lately and it was a joy to see her most recent blog post pop up on Bloglovin’. She talks about what blogging means for her these days, about how it gives her purpose on quiet days but is no longer her greatest hobby. However, she has a renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose for her blog and I can’t wait to see what she has planned for the next few weeks as her content is always well-written, insightful and interesting. You should definitely check her out.

Hope you all have a great week and I’ll be back next Monday with another round up of the best bits from your favourite bloggers.

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