Monday Medley #31

This entire week has mostly comprised me getting increasingly excited for my first holiday of 2018, as I’m heading off to Amsterdam on Thursday. Expect a whole load of Amsterdam content over the next few weeks as I will take any and every opportunity to write about travel. For now though, here are a few of my favourite reads and watches from the last week.


I’ve been to Barcelona several times, but not since I was a teenager. I really want to go back and properly experience the city, especially since I’ve grown to love Gaudi. Charlotte’s post on three days in this glorious city is a great read and definitely makes me want to see more of Spain. Considering she managed to forget her camera, her photos taken on her phone are stunning and damn that architecture is stunning! Here’s hoping I can make it to the city sometime very soon.
Laila’s post on sustainable vs high street fashion was a goody this week, as she talks about the many problems in the fashion industry and her experiences with trying to make more ethical fashion choices. She’s got several tips for newbies to shopping sustainably, several of which I’ll be trying out.
My good friend Danh recently wrote about her experience of meditation and the effect it’s had on her life. I’m more of a casual meditator, only really making time for it when I’m really stressed out and need to recharge. Danh has persevered with it and has really found it makes a difference. This is well worth a read whether you meditate frequently or are just considering getting into, as she answers all those questions you might have but don’t know who to ask.


I’ve been replaying the Uncharted games over the last few months, having purchased the remastered editions of the first three games on PS4. I’m emotionally attached to Nate and Elena, and I just love these games.
My boyfriend and I have also started playing the board game Carcassonne pretty regularly; he’s great and I’m okay at best, but he has been playing it for years. I’m thoroughly enjoying the weird combination of Risk and Dominoes.

Since I’m flying away on Thursday I’m ~attempting~ to actually plan and write posts ahead of time, which isn’t really my strong suit, but it’s all under control so far. Keep an eye out on Wednesday and Friday for what’s coming up next!

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