Monday Medley #30

I’ve had a lovely week, and picking up two new tiny plant friends on Sunday was the cherry on the cake. It’s officially Spring and there was actual sunshine in Manchester, prompting me to leave the house sans coat for the first time in about six months. The week ahead is looking great as well, as I’m meeting up with friends for board games and dinner, and of course it’s only a four day work week, and it doesn’t get much better than that.





Starborn by Lucy Hounsom was my book of the week, after I picked it up at the library
not long ago. It’s a pretty standard YA book in many ways, but I can
feel that the story is going to take a darker turn and I’m ready for it.
I’ve already borrowed Heartland and Firestorm and looking forward to
seeing where the story goes.


I absolutely loved Lauren’s post about fashion and embracing her flaws; it’s a brilliantly written piece as always and I love her outfits and how relaxed her photography is. Although social media is often criticised for imparting negativity and causing insecurity, Lauren talks about how seeing girls of all different shapes and sizes sharing their style has helped her to embrace hers.

Sophie’s posts are always great, and her 36 Hours in Brussels post is no exception. The city looks stunning, and has definitely shot up on my list of European cities to visit soon. One of the nicest things about Sophie’s travel posts is the fact that she always looks like she’s having a great time, rather than moodily posing against a wall staring off into the distance, she’s more likely to be pictured tucking into some local cuisine. It’s refreshing and means she’s one of the bloggers I’ll always come back to.

Laura has a knack for explaining complex skincare in such a way that it makes sense to even the most novice users. Her recent post on serums is great and has resulted in me adding several of them to my ever-growing wishlist. It’s well worth a read, whether you’re new to skincare or just looking for some recommendations.


I can’t wait for Spring to really get into the swing of it (please, NO MORE SNOW) and I’m heading to Amsterdam in a few weeks and can’t wait for my first holiday of the year! Hope you’re all well and enjoying the slight increase in temperature.


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