Monday Medley #3

I feel like I haven’t stopped this week; I’ve been an unusually social, with two nights out and spending a good portion of time at my boyfriends, meaning I haven’t spent as much time reading print or digital media, nor have I spent as much time watching things. However, I have rounded up a few of my favourite things from the last seven days for you to delve into.



My office gets a delivery of various magazines every week, and by far my favourite is The Week. I had never read it before my boyfriend pointed it out to me, but it’s actually really great. I’m interested in the goings-on of the world, but find it difficult to keep up with events that don’t directly affect me. The Week is great because it offers broad coverage and is politically impartial. That’s something I really value as newspapers and news websites seem to be becoming increasingly polarised; whether they’re skewed towards the left or right, whether I agree with them or not, I find sensationalism uncomfortable and don’t think it should play a role in the reporting of facts. The Week side-steps that; for example, a summary of the first round of Brexit talks referred to The Independent, The Times, The Mail on Sunday, The Observer and The Daily Telegraph. It’s not the easiest publication to find and you’re always about a week behind on the news, but I find it invaluable.


This week Rachel from No Space For Milk wrote about getting back into writing creatively and I could relate to it so much. It reminded me how much I miss it myself, and I’ve since decided that I want to return to it myself, maybe later in the year once my life has calmed down a bit. Read it here!

Dagmara wrote about facial mists for every price point, and someone who loves a good mist but feels like they’re overpriced, this is great. Find Dagmara here.

There’s been an uproar in the Twitter-sphere this week over the new Natural Cycles app which has been advertised as a form of contraception. I’m not going to weigh in on this, but I’ve seen sound arguments from both sides. Hayley, of London Beauty Queen, wrote the most well-researched post that I came across and it’s well worth a read.

Two of my favourite people on Twitter relaunched their blogs this week, so you should definitely go and check out Gwennan of Twenty Something Meltdown for all your bullet journal and general badass blogger needs, and Tori of Sweet Peas and Lavender because she’s an amazing ceramicist and lifestyle blogger.


This recipe from A Beautiful Mess intrigued me more than anything. Mango – yes, Red Curry – sure, stir fry – great! All together? Errrrr not sure. Despite my apprehension, I actually really want to try this. Try it here.

If you’re feeling a little sweeter (and safer), this chocolate brownie cake caught my eye on The Love Cats Inc.

That’s your lot for this week, but I wanted to share a few extra things I’ve stumbled across that are just really beautiful. From Colossal, there are articles on the National Geographic Photographer of the Year, insect flower arrangements and the prettiest mushrooms I’ve ever seen. On Dezeen, my favourite thing this week was all about an exhibition of illustrations from Ghost In The Shell.

I hope you all had a great week!

This post is part of All-in August, where I attempt to post every single day in August, despite it being one my busiest months. Keep up with it here!

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