Monday Medley #28

Okay so I’ve been a bit behind with my blogging game lately, but you got an extra post in which I rambled about the wonder that is my Mum yesterday so I’m sure you’re fine with it. If not, keep an eye out because I’m finally catching up on my workload as I now work from home two days a week, which is the best thing ever and I’m super grateful to my boss for letting me.



I’m just over halfway through Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and it’s bloody great. It travels through time and down a family tree that begins with two sisters raised apart in the Asante and Fante tribes. One sister is sold into slavery and the other marries a white slave trader; their respective lives are very different, and the paths of their descendants varies greatly. I know only a little about the slave trade from my school history lessons, and my knowledge of pre-colonial Africa is patchy at best, but so far I’ve found this book an absolutely beautiful read, frequently moved by the depth of its characters, some of whom we only know for a few pages before moving onto another.


There were two blog posts I absolutely fell for this week, and Hayley’s post on her love of bread really summed up how I feel about the carby miracle that is all things baked. Bread is actually magical, and for anyone (everyone) who’s ever bitten into a fresh roll slathered with butter, or simply hummed with joy after stuffing their mouth full of a garlic naan while eating a hot curry, this is the blog post for you.

Chloe’s blog features a lot in these posts, but she’s just that good. She can turn a phrase better than pretty much anyone in the industry, and I’m pretty sure she could write about grass growing and I’d love it. Her recent post about the financial aspects of the blogging industry is excellent, combining her usual frankness and insight brilliantly, and basically asking people that if you can make money with your blog, why the hell wouldn’t you? People are still uncomfortable with the female-dominated and content-driven nature of blogging, meaning I often see posts saying that blogging should be more of a hobby than a business. For me it definitely is, but if you want to make your money this way, then you have absolutely every right to do so and I’ll support you all the way.


I had never watched Married At First Sight before this season and I was outraged to learn that it was only four episodes long. I became extremely invested in everyone involved and cried on multiple occasions, and I now need to go back and watch all previous series if they’re as emotional as this one.

Masterchef is back. I hope you read that in India Fisher’s voice because, let’s be real, her voice is so damn sultry. I am living for Masterchef this year and am very much enjoying people screw up fondants (both chocolate and potato) and am always just as blown away as the judges whenever a contestant pulls it out of the bag. I always forget how many evenings every week it takes up though, as I’m only realising just how much time I spend watching it now that I’m living with my boyfriend and want to spend time with him.

That’s all for this week, I’ll see you next Monday for my faves from the week ahead!


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