Monday Medley #27

I’ve had a really lovely week, working from home on Monday and taking Friday as a holiday. My boyfriend and I went to see King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard at Manchester Academy One on Thursday and took the Friday off work to recover and just relax. As such, I’m feeling really chilled out and productive as I’m almost (gasp) on time with blogging for the first time in ages. I’d say March is all planned out but it really isn’t, so doubtless it will all fall apart in the next week or so. We’re approaching the end of February, and so far this year I’ve thoroughly enjoyed blogging in a way I didn’t in 2017. I’ve written several blog posts I’m really proud of, including a really personal post all about my rare skin condition, a ramble about happy times in my childhood on holiday and I just loved the photos I took for a recent book review. I’m also really excited for the post that’s going up on Wednesday as I’m talking all about some of my favourite coffee shops, and I got to go to all of them and eat cake and drink coffee in the name of research.

Bonbon Chocolate Boutique Manchester
This photo was taken in one of those coffee shops but you’ll have to check back on Wednesday to find out which!



Becky’s blog features a lot in my Monday Medleys but it’s for a good reason. This week she introduced me to the wonders of following hashtags on Instagram, which I, like a complete Insta-noob, had no idea was a thing. She talks all about her favourite hashtags and it has genuinely changed how I interact with Instagram and I’ve resigned myself to finally having to use hashtags again.
Sam’s travel blog is easily one of the best around, and I loved her recent post on being a traveller vs a tourist. Tourist is almost a dirty word, and it’s generally considered to be a negative thing. I agree with Sam that it’s just a word and who gives a damn? Whether you consider yourself a traveller or a tourist, we all just want to see the world, so what’s the difference?

Nadia’s post about living in the moment is brilliant and really thorough, talking about how we often feel pressured into worrying about the future. I am definitely guilty of this and have actually implemented some of the tips she gives and found that they help. This is definitely worth a read if you’re a worrier like me.

Chloe’s blog is always worth a read, featuring stunning photography and fashion and well-written and insightful posts. In this post, she talks about friendship in your 20s and how easily a friendship can fall apart and be put back together. We all fight over stupid things, but eventually, if you really were friends, you end up patching things up. It’s a great read, as always, and had prompted me to get back in touch with a friend I’ve partially lost touch with.


Oh godddd, why did I never watch Married at First Sight until now? I am far too emotionally invested in these couples and if they don’t end up happy together forever I don’t know how I’ll cope. This Channel 4 show is filling the gap in my Thursday evenings and is simultaneously hilarious and heartwarming.


Here’s hoping next week is as much fun as this one was, although it’s back to work properly so I’m not holding my breath. Either way, I’m loving life right now so bring on March!



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