Monday Medley #26

Actually writing this on a Monday for a change! *pats self on back for actually keeping to my schedule* This week I seem to have spent a lot of time watching TV rather than reading, something which I intend to correct next week. For now though, these are the things I’ve loved reading and watching in the last week.

This photo is totally irrelevant to the blog post but I think I look cute soooooooooo that’s it.



I’ve never been on a beach holiday, but as my daily life has become busier than ever, a holiday where I do very little other than laze around in paradise increasingly appealing. I don’t really know of many beach holiday destinations aside from the old cliches, but after stumbling across Lucy’s post on tropical destinations I definitely have a few places in mind. Costa Rica in particular sounds incredible.

A lot of people (including me) moan about how crappy being an adult can be. However, Sophie’s recent post on the good things about being an adult reminded me of just how good it is. I have freedom in a way I never did when I was younger, and I’m more secure in myself than ever. It’s really not all bad.

I wrote a little thing earlier this month about my skin condition, but acne was also a major part of my life for a long time. Lauren’s post about accepting that acne is part of her is fab. The battle against acne is constant for many people, but accepting that it’s part of you and something you can’t change overnight is a step towards self love that society often doesn’t encourage us to take.


I’ve spent most of this week glued to Netflix, finally finishing Limmy’s Show, a comedy sketch show that’s kind of hard to explain. It’s frequently surreal and always hilarious, and somehow the Glaswegian accent just makes it better.

I’ve also watched the entirety of Altered Carbon, a sort of sci-fi murder mystery. It’s kind of rubbish; the dialogue is clunky and it’s very cheesy, but I honestly didn’t know how the various plot lines would converge and make sense so I ended up watching the whole thing. I wouldn’t really recommend it, but there’s no denying I enjoyed it.

That’s the lot for this week; I have about 10,000 jobs to be getting on with and half of them are blog-related so it’s sayonara from me!


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  1. Natasha
    February 20, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    I love this photo of you, you do look cute and I love your hat! I would like to sit down and watch Altered Carbon, my Dad said it was OK and he's a big sci-fi fan but like you he said it was a little clunky so we shall see! Also, love Limmy, so funny! Loved the posts you recommended too, I could definitely do with a holiday so looking at stunning tropical photos is one way to tackle that, and the post about being an adult will come in handy for me at the moment too, as I've been having a bit of a Peter Pan week myself and wishing I could go back in time, so this comes at the perfect moment! – Tasha

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