Monday Medley #22

It’s been a week of going to and from Salford Royal Hospital for allergy tests and dermatology appointments, which also forbade me from showering for five whole days. As a girl who showers every day it was pretty traumatic. I’m the sweaty sort, so flannel washes and an entire can of dry shampoo got me through it but the shower I had on Friday night was glorious. I’m never not showering again.

Manchester Northern Quarter in the snow
Got caught in some unexected snow while on my way to work in a coffee shop and I’ll take any excuse for a photo!

I worked from home for the week as I also couldn’t wear a bra (not good when you’re a 32HH), yet somehow I didn’t manage to find the time to read much in the way of blogs. I did pick out a few of my favourites from the blogs I tend to check on at least every few days which I know you’ll enjoy.



First up is a post by Rachel all about writer’s block. It’s a pretty frank examination of the phenomenon and the effect it can have upon you. The post is well worth a read for anyone who writes, whatever form that may take, and I think you’ll find it as insightful as I did.
I’m pretty bad at keeping plants alive in my current flat: it’s just a little too dark for them. However, I still really want to grow more plants, and this little guide to growing an avocado tree from a seed is something that I definitely want to try some time soon.
Now for one of my favourite bloggers and one of my favourite cities, Vix Meldrew and Manchester. Manchester is where I call home and I love it, and Vix is one of the best and funniest bloggers out there. She recently visited Manchester for the weekend, and her take on my city was entertaining and fun to read about how it seems to someone who doesn’t live here.


I watched The Shining for the first time on Friday night with my boyfriend; he had watched it before but I had somehow managed to avoid it my whole life, and although I’d seen screencaps of some of the most famous scenes I still didn’t really know much about the plot. To sum up, I still need an escort if I need the loo in the middle of the night, requiring my boyfriend to double check the hallway and bathroom before I go anywhere. It was brilliant and I’ve been reading the TV Tropes for it obsessively all weekend. The lasting terror was worth it to watch such an intricate film.

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