Monday Medley #2

Alright, so far so good with this series! This is two posts up on time and everything! If you missed the first Monday Medley check it out here, but basically this is my way of sharing the things I’ve read, watched and generally loved in the last week. So without further ado, these are the things I’ve loved this week!



I read the first book in Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series a very long time ago, and I bloody loved it. It’s a pretty classic fantasy format and all the books are very easy reads. This isn’t a book series to brag about to all the cool people at work, but it is one to get excited about and unwind with. After the harrowing experience that was reading The Handmaid’s Tale last week, I felt that I needed something fun to balance it out. Firebrand, the latest in Britain’s series is a damn good read that I’ve raced through despite how hefty the book is. There are a few questionable plot points that made me raise an eyebrow, and it’s not very sophisticated, but it was exactly what I wanted after a stressful week at work. Click for fantastical mayhem.


With everyone graduating at the moment, Rhianna’s post couldn’t be better timed. Here she writes about the twists and turns that come after leaving university, and how different people move at different speeds. If you’re feeling like a bit of a failure or your life is out of control it’s well worth a read. Find Rhianna here!

I love all of Siobhán’s brand focus posts, and she was back at it again this week with Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is a brand I’ve always felt was over-hyped, but my mind has changed because of this blog post and now I want it all. Read it here!

I was planning to not repeat any bloggers on consecutive weeks in this series, but Sophie Cliff’s post on the minefield that is dressing for summer when you’re not 100% body confident is well worth a read. Read it nowwww.

Vix Meldrew is one of those bloggers that seems like she has super powers. In this post, she’s filter-free and speaking honestly about her experience with anti-depressants. Anyone worried about taking anti-depressants or anyone who knows someone struggling with depression should read this. Find Vix here.

Amyleigh’s long and rambling post about the difficulties of being a woman in the modern world is damn good read and I’m pretty sure we can all relate. I love a good rant and her writing is as excellent as ever. Hell yes to solidarity.

If you’re anything like me, then a tiny modern house hidden in the woods sounds like a dream (if only for a week or so). I’m also very into interiors at the moment, so this article rounding up the best woodland cabins was right up my street. Click for cabin-porn.


My boyfriend and I have been steamrolling our way through two TV series lately, and as we’re finally approaching the end I thought I’d mention them here. His choice was Arrested Development, a show that in my opinion deserves way more recognition. It takes a few episodes to properly get into it, but once you’re in, you’re in. The humour is razor sharp and I know that I missed things, foreshadowing is subtle and everywhere and it’s just a very clever show. Season Three shows its age with a decidedly non-PC storyline which I cringed through, but generally it’s fantastic and features a young Michael Cera. I’ll be rewatching the lot at some point to try and catch all the things I missed the first time around. Netflix it up.

My choice of series for us to watch was Firefly, the amazing space-western that was cut short so unjustly. While the movie tied up one story line, there was clearly so much slow character development planned that we never got to see. It’s one of my favourite TV shows, and while I have the blu-ray, you can find it on Hulu.


I have two recipes to share this week! Katy’s Watermelon, Feta and Rocket Salad went straight into my bookmarks, as did Hannah’s Triple Chocolate Cookies. Rereading them now is giving me serious cravings and I may have to pop down the road for some watermelon stat.

That’s your lot of this week, but I thought I’d leave you with the news that archaeologists have dug up a pot with a smiley face on it from Karkemish, and that the Ottomans really liked building fancy bird houses.

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  1. Beautylymin
    August 1, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    Thank you so much for the lovely mention! I hope you enjoy ABH products if you do try them! xx

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