Monday Medley #14

I’m in a bit of a weird place with this blog right now. I’m just not feeling the drive and motivation to come up with new ideas or even work on my existing ones. I need a real kick up the bum as I’ve even been neglecting these Medley posts and haven’t been reading blogs as much lately. I’m not quite sure how to get out of this funk, so any and all suggestions are welcome!



As I say, I haven’t been reading blogs as much as usual, but I do have four blog posts that I absolutely loved to share with you.
First up is a post from Natasha about picking yourself up after a rough few months; it’s about recovery, not struggle, and is something we can all relate to.
Laila’s post about her Halloween role models is chock-full of powerful and slightly spooky women, some of which were new to me. It’s well worth a read for costume inspiration and has added to my “to watch” list.
Sophie’s blog is no stranger to my Monday Medleys, and I absolutely loved her weekend in Bilbao post. It’s a city I visited as a child and wasn’t all that interested in returning to, but this post has sold it to me and it’s now firmly on my “to visit” list.
Skin care ingredients are a mystery to many of us, the seemingly impenetrable chemical names and idle googling often leaving us more confused than before. Laura’s series on demystifying these ingredients is essential for anyone wanting to understand more about what’s in their products and her recent post about niacinamide is top notch as usual.


I’ve got two recipes to share with you this week, both of which are seriously speaking to my soul. The chilli jam and cheese rolls from Sophie’s Scran remind me of seemingly-long-ago-summer, while Sandra’s French apple turnovers seem like they’d be an absolute delight at any time of year, I can imagine they’d be incredible eaten hot, out in the cold night air watching the fireworks.


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