Monday Medley #13

I am seriously lacking in motivation at the moment and even this post is going up a little late. I think it’s partly because I’ve been busy with work and moving and just haven’t spent much time doing anything creative or even got out of the house much. I’m planning to change that this week, but for now, these are the posts I’ve loved in the last week.



First up is a fab post from Gwennan, talking about that thing, the thing that kicks your blog up a notch and takes you from regular joe to blogging idol, and whether or not it will ever happen for each of us. Read it here.

Casey’s post on lessons she’s learned in the last decade is one I can definitely relate to; I too have learnt to face the reality of fading friendships and I’m starting to get to grips with not apologising for doing what’s best for me. This is worth a read for all of us in our twenties and learning those life lessons at last.

I have been loving Lauren’s blogtober series but this post about her favourite print magazines has me starry eyed. I definitely need to get myself down to my nearest indie magazine shop for some inspiration as these sound right up my street.

Elizabeth’s post is something I haven’t come across before but really enjoyed. She talks about some innovative uses for all that leftover pumpkin goop and other seasonal ingredients, including a face mask, a hair growth treatment and a forest-scented floor cleaner.

Literally everything in Beth’s post about books to read for Black History Month immediately went on my Amazon wishlist. Some I’ve heard of and been meaning to read for ages and others are completely new founds that, judging by Beth’s descriptions, I’m going to absolutely love.

Hayley’s travel bucket list for Scottish islands has reinvigorated my desire to see more of them and the Scottish west coast in general. I too have spent a lot of time on Arran as my family is from the area, but there are so many spectacular landscapes I’d love to see and basically run wild in.

If you fancy a seriously whirlwind trip to Paris and have a sense of humour then Vix’s post on how she spent 24 hours there is your go-to for inspiration and laughs. A combination of valuable advice (GET AN UBER) and a laugh out loud retelling, if you read anything on this list make it this.


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