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Monday Medley #11

I’ve had Mamma Mia stuck in my head all day, so here we go again with this week’s list of my favourite things I’ve read and watched this week. I actually attempted to make this week’s Medley shorter, but I came across more and more posts that I was dying to include so it’s another long one! I’ve spent the last week and all of the weekend moving into a new flat with my boyfriend; I’m absolutely knackered but it’s completely worth it. The place still needs some work (mostly it needs more plants) but it’s all coming together. The photograph below was taken in the summer at an industrial estate near my old flat; as much as I kind of hated the place by the end of the year (#leakyroofproblems), I had one of the happiest years of my life there.



I love little snapshots into people’s lives, and Laura’s post on travel beauty essentials provides just that; I love seeing what other people prioritise and how different it can be to my own preferences. Also I really need to try the Queen of Hungary mist ASAP.

Elena’s blog is a new discovery for me, having appeared on my radar thanks to her participation in Blogtober. I wanted to share two of her posts with you because they both warrant reading. The first is about trying to be a better person; Elena has talked openly about how she used to be racist, which I find extremely commendable in the quick-to-judge atmosphere of the internet. Another post on her history with self harm, why she did it and how she quit also makes for a powerful read for anyone with an interest or experience with mental health. TW for self harm, however.

This blog was another new find for me, but Alexandra’s post on her recent struggles with mental health and her unwavering love for clothes really made an impact on me for its brutal honesty.

Travel is one of my greatest loves in life, but it’s definitely true that who you travel with can make or break a trip. I’ve mostly been successful in that arena, but I could definitely have done with this post by Sandra a few years ago, and it’s definitely given me some food for thought about past and present travel companions!

Despite the knowledge that washing my hair every day isn’t good for it, I am still very much a daily-washer. I simply cannot last any longer than two days without giving into the urge to scrub my hair until it shines. Lily’s post on how she can last up to TWO WEEKS without washing her hair gives me hope that maybe one day I could at least make it to three days.

I always find videos and posts about genetics tests interesting, but Kate’s post on the subject is particularly great. Astonishing coincidences that hark back to an unknown heritage always make for a good read, and I love the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? for the same reason.

Everyone is moaning about instagram lately, but Chloe’s post is something a little different. She talks about the changing world of blogging and the conflict of interest between keeping up with the times and maintaining your integrity and making the content you love. This is well worth a read for anyone interested in the blogging industry.

Finally, Helen’s post on smear tests is important reading for anyone with a cervix. She emphasises the importance of getting tested and shares her own experience of an abnormal result and the treatment that followed.


The Apprentice is back and I’m loving it already. The BBC has successfully gathered the biggest dickheads in Britain to bitch and moan and make fools of themselves in their pursuit of fortune. I always enjoy The Apprentice for its colourful characters with terrible decision-making skills, and even better, I got to watch it with my boyfriend on the first night in our new flat.


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