Midi Dresses and Western Boots

The midi length has been around for a while now, initially disrupting the fashion world which had been focused on mini skirts since the 90s. Hemlines may have got lower but they’re certainly not demure, as thigh-high splits and wrap skirts become the style du jour. I’ve always loved wrap dresses; they’re a midway point between looking polished and put-together, yet are often lower cut at the bust and have a propensity to flap open at the merest suggestion of wind, making them slightly more risqué. As much as I long for a classic Diane Von Furstenburg to complete (or perhaps begin) my transformation into a slick and sexy businesswoman, my budget is more high-street. I absolutely adored a Boohoo one which I foolishly ruined hacking at the belt after it got trapped inside the dress – I didn’t manage to retrieve the belt and destroyed the dress in the process, which was very annoying, especially since I only had myself to blame.

Burgundy midi dress and western cowboy boots

I replaced it with this one from H&M, which I am now obsessed with. It’s a gorgeous burgundy shade with a jacquard weave, full-length sleeves with cuffs and a very useful hook and eye for keeping my boobs contained. It’s a really lovely berry colour, bridging the gap between Autumn and Winter. It may not be from the most ethical brand in the world, but I’m in the process of losing weight and toning up to improve my health, so I’m not really in a position to buy one of the dreamy Free People ones as it simply wouldn’t fit in six months. For now, the £24.99 H&M model will do the job and go to a charity shop when it no longer fits.

Burgundy midi dress and western cowboy boots

I’ve really been enjoying pairing the dress with western style boots, which are all over the shops at the moment. I’m very tempted to buy one of the white pairs I’ve seen floating around, but for now I’m satisfied with my old Topshop ones from a few years ago. Cowboy boots and the slightly tamer western boots are everywhere this season; I don’t know if we’ve all been influenced by Westworld but for whatever reason, we’re all emulating John Wayne in AW18. A cowboy boot is way too trend-driven for my tastes, but western boots are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe and much easier to wear. Characterised by a pointed toe, slightly curved sole and angled block heel, they lengthen the leg and are generally very easy to walk in. They’re everywhere this season, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a pair if you fancy indulging in your cowboy dreams. Perhaps avoid pairing them double denim and stetson, or you run the risk of looking like you belong on the Oregon Trail.

“I like it, but you do look like you belong in Firefly” was my boyfriend’s take on the outfit, an assessment I have to agree with. The blousy sleeves of this dress and practical boots left me happily stomping around in mud while feeling feminine and put together. The dress wraps over enough and is securely fastened by press studs that it’s only going to flap open if you want it to, giving it a real sense of security. I also love it with a black high neck jumper over the top, making it look like I’m wearing a very nice wrap skirt and giving me a bit of extra warmth for when I get fed up of the chill on my décolletage.

Burgundy midi dress and western cowboy bootsBurgundy midi dress and western cowboy boots

This is an outfit I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about when I first put it together; feeling insecure in a low-neck dress is nothing new to me, and I often feel like midi dresses make me look shorter and stumpier than I am. The slight elevation provided by the boots made all the difference, and I honestly felt completely and utterly empowered in this outfit. I’ll be wearing it a lot over the next few months, although perhaps with the addition of some tights because it’s freezing, as per.

Have you embraced the cowboy trend? And are you going for the wearable black western boot or going the whole hog with some full-on white cowboy boots? If the latter, you’re a braver woman than I.

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