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Regular readers will have noticed that generally, my posts go up at 8am sharp, three times a week, yet here we are at 8pm on Friday and it’s been radio silence since Monday. This is out of the ordinary to say the least, as I’ve been tweeting minimally and have hardly used Instagram at all despite my growing love for the platform. Unfortunately, I haven’t been off doing anything fun and just forgotten to blog, nor has my personal life suffered a great disaster. All that happened was a bout of anaemia that kept me off work for a few days, coupled with me not really looking after myself.

How I'm making time for me to prevent my life from spinning out of control

Last week was busy, with several nights out being social which always leaves me exhausted. The weekend was good but seemed just as busy somehow, and then blood tests on Monday followed by anaemia just laid me low for a while. I finally realised why I’ve been feeling so rubbish mentally, not just physically. I haven’t made any time to actually look after myself at all this week.

I’m definitely guilty of falling into this trap from time to time, focusing on others or all the jobs I have to do rather than what’s best for me. Rather than scrabbling to catch up on Wednesday’s missed blog post it will go up next Wednesday, as it’s a lengthy one that I’d like to get right. Just making that decision has lifted a real weight from me and I feel like I can breathe. I think I need to make sure I put aside time for myself at least twice a week, focusing on the things that make me feel calm and fulfilled, as they give me a measure of control over my hectic everyday life. When I don’t give myself this downtime I struggle to cope with my everyday stress, meaning things like my blog tend to fall by the wayside, which makes me even more stressed and upset.

Ways to make time for me

I really need to start taking advantage of my alone time when my boyfriend goes to band practice twice a week. I love spending time with him more than anyone, but sometimes it’s nice to have the flat to myself and really embrace time alone. I lived alone before we moved in together and I’m still getting used to it.

I’ve recently started the Brambling Books series on here in which I talk about the books I’ve been reading each month, and making the effort sit and immerse myself in a book really made a difference to my mental and emotional state.


Actively watching TV or films, rather than just having them on in the background, is so healing in many ways. So much of time is spent doing three things at once, so actually

Making it to the gym once a week makes my body feel so much lighter and my mind clearer. I so often slack off and don’t exercise at all, and I hate myself for it every time. I really enjoy having that time in which my mind is completely clear and I’m just focused on moving, and I feel good for days.

Actually doing those little nagging odd jobs makes such a difference. Sewing on that button that fell off a month ago, or fixing that hole in your pocket means it’s one less thing on my mind and the annoying voice in the back of my head that sounds like my Nan goes away for a while.

Giving myself an extra five minutes in the morning to do things like put on jewellery or a little more makeup makes me feel much more myself and like I can face the day properly. I hate leaving the house not feeling my best, like I did this morning and got to work to find that I still had some of my SPF on my chin that I hadn’t rubbed in properly, despite having managed to throw on some mascara and hadn’t noticed it somehow, as I was in such a rush. A slower, calmer morning leads to a much more productive and enjoyable day.

These are just a few of the things I think I need to start including in my daily life in order to keep it from spinning out of control. Here’s hoping the next week will be calmer as a result!

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How I'm making time for me to prevent my life from spinning out of control


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  1. Panty Buns
    May 5, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    Best wishes for your planned positive lifestyle tweaks for improved health and happiness! Your navy blue polka dotted dress looks very pretty styled with the white hosiery and blue blazer.

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