Low-key Gothic

Okay, confession time: unlike basically my entire generation, I never had an emo phase. I never had a “chavvy” phase, a sporty phase or really an anything phase for my entire teenage life. The closest I ever got was when I convinced my Mum to buy me a pair of those chequered vans in pink and black, which I wore to death paired with jeans that didn’t fit and (probably) pink t-shirt. I never had the cool backcombed hair and sweeping emo fringe with a dyed stripe, and I have literally never owned a tracksuit or hoop earrings. My teenage style was a basically cat-lady/librarian-in-training, and I didn’t pay a great deal of attention to what I looked like.

Casual goth style in Manchester

I could say that I miss those days of not giving a damn, but the truth is that I cared a lot about how I looked but didn’t know how to figure out what I wanted to look like or how to get there. Even today, my style isn’t particularly out-there and doesn’t have a strong aesthetic. Sometimes I see goth girls dressed to the absolute nines and looking incredible; I love the intricacies of the aesthetic. Whether it’s the huge stomping boots, the tattoos peeking out from sleeves or the heavy makeup looks with black hair, I just admire anyone who pulls off a strong look. Occasionally, I want a little piece of the action.

I’m extremely pale. Pale to the point that people think I’m wearing white tights from a distance when in reality I just have my legs out. Light bounces off me and can blind drivers. So I reckon I’m halfway there for the whole gothic vibe, but I could never commit to it by dying my hair. I think black hair is gorgeous but the dye is incredibly difficult to get rid of and I’d end up spending years growing it out; I’ve considered buying a black wig just for fun, but the reality is I would never be bothered wearing it and I get pretty sweaty even without a load of extra hair. If I fancy channelling a little bit of that emo vibe I have to do it with my clothes and makeup. I wore this outfit for a friend’s birthday night out, which involved going to Manchester’s big emo club, Satan’s, and I decided that I fancied dressing the part but in a way that still felt me.

Casual goth style in Manchester

I though this dress, which I’ve talked about before, could be dressed a little differently to fit the purpose of the night, and when combined with about four times as much eyeliner as I usually wear and a lipstick so dark I think I’ve only ever worn it on Halloween, and I felt pretty prepared. I straightened my hair for the first time in about six months, and altogether I felt cool enough to convince my boyfriend to snap these photos of me before we went out.

Casual goth style in Manchester
Sorry for the crappy photo quality on this one, I was already drunk when I took it!

In the end, I ended up feeling like I fitted in with the group aesthetic while still retaining my fairly vanilla self. I’ll never be a full-on emo and I’ll never get back my lost days of teenage experimentation, but I feel a little more confident about incorporating a few stronger vibes into my style. Now, time to find some hoop earrings…

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Casual goth style in Manchester



  1. Maggie
    June 18, 2018 / 3:18 pm

    I have never heard a more accurate description of my own teenage years in terms of style come out of someone else's mouth before! Lol – here's to those awkward teen years of CARING SO MUCH but not at all knowing what to do about it.

  2. Maggie
    June 18, 2018 / 3:18 pm

    PS – you looked FAB.

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