Look Incredible May Beauty Box

My May Look Incredible Beauty Box has arrived and I am very, very excited about it.  I’m really looking forward to testing the products as it looks like some of them are right up my street!

MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil

First Impressions
Lip Product? Check. MAC? Check. Basically my favourite things in the world are MAC lipsticks so I’m very excited about this one!  It promises to be highly pigmented but with the sheen of gloss and moisturising properties of a balm; if it does all that I will be very impressed.  The colour also looks perfect for me, in the shade ‘Clever’ which is a mid-toned coral. 

Final Impressions
This is a brilliant little lip product.  I keep rubbing my lips together because it’s just so lovely and moisturising, and am at risk of getting the colour all over my face.  It’s very comfortable to wear and the colour is lovely.  I generally prefer a matte finish to a gloss, as I find the stickiness of most gloss annoying, but this isn’t sticky at all but still with shine.  I’ll be buying more of these!

Korres Eye Primer

First Impressions
hadn’t heard of the brand Korres before, but judging by the packaging
they’re definitely French.  I’m pretty hard on my eye makeup; I put it
on in the morning and expect it to last until late at night without
touching it up at all.  Even with my Naked 2 palette I find that I get
some creasing throughout the day, so I’ll have to see if this makes a

Final Impressions
This definitely made a difference to the longevity of my eye makeup, which stayed in place all day without creasing.  It’s also supposed to serve as an undereye concealer, but it didn’t really perform in that regard.  I had to apply my usual under eye concealer over the top of it to stop me looking so knackered.  It was also almost chalky when applying, and tricky to blend into the skin.  I found that I ended up applying too much when using the applicator directly onto the skin, meaning I had to wipe some of it off.  When applied with the fingertips the primer goes on much smoother as the warmth of your hands helps it to blend.  This isn’t a great concealer, but it is a good primer for under eyeshadow.

BareMinerals Blush

First Impressions
I actually already own a BareMinerals blush in a slightly more peachy shade (The Aphrodisiac) and I absolutely love it, so I’m really only testing the colour in this case.  The shade I have is ‘The French Kiss’, which is a quite vibrant pink so we’ll have to see how that looks on my skin tone.

Final Impressions
I already knew how long lasting the BareMinerals blush is, and ‘The French Kiss’ is no different.  It is a slightly brighter pink than my other shade, but it actually works really well for Spring; I just have to make sure I’m not too heavy handed with it.  I find the brush that is included with the blush is far too small so I always use my own, but the brush is good quality and it’s handy for when you’re out and about.

Bellapiere Kabuki Brush
I don’t currently own a kabuki brush as the only mineral makeup I own is the aforementioned BareMinerals blusher.  I’ve been thinking about looking into powder foundations though, so this may well come in handy.  Until such a time as I own mineral makeup though I can’t really review the product, except to say that judging by the bristles the quality seems quite high.  I may have spent some time just brushing this on my face because it feels so soft and reminds me of a big fluffy pillow I had as a child.  Not weird at all.

Claire’s Nail Polish Set

First Impressions
I saw that these were from Claire’s I very nearly turned my nose up at
them; I haven’t been in Claire’s since I was thirteen!  Upon closer
inspection these look like really fun nail varnishes; I’m not a nail
varnish sort of person as I just chip them constantly, but I will be
trying these out!  I particularly like the look of the one
that reminds me of sprinkles!

Final Impressions
It took a lot of work to get my nails looking like they do below (sorry for my gross unmanicured hand); that’s six coats of nail varnish!  The quality isn‘t great but they’re actually really fun nail varnishes, although they won’t last long as you need to use so much to get a decent amount of the suspended sprinkles on your nails

This month‘s Look Incredible was entirely makeup, but as my last few boxes from both Look Fantastic and Look Incredible were quite skincare focused I am definitely not complaining.  The MAC Patent Polish was a real winner as well as the BareMineral Blush.

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  1. Heather Nixon
    May 20, 2016 / 6:07 pm

    I haven't heard of this box – it looks great xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    • Bethany
      May 24, 2016 / 6:34 pm

      I think I prefer it to either Glossybox or Look Fantastic! Definitely worth trying :)Thanks for the comment!

  2. Emma Matthews
    May 24, 2016 / 3:45 pm

    This box looks lovely! I love the Mac Lip Pencil.Emma | EMMAMATTHEWS.CO.UK

    • Bethany
      May 24, 2016 / 6:35 pm

      I'm a little in love with the Lip Pencil and it's probably going to make it into this month's favourites! I need to buy it in more colours!Thanks for commenting 🙂

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