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I’ve talked pretty openly on here and on social media about my current less-than-stellar mental health, and despite some backlash I’ve found that it’s really helped me to talk about it, and judging by some of the comments and messages I’ve received it really resonated with some of you. Today I just wanted to remind myself of a few things recently that have made me happy. Not so much the big things, like my boyfriend or my family, but the smaller things that I tend to overlook. This isn’t going to become a series or anything, but if I feel like I need a little pick-me-up I may write something like this again. It’s just a way for me to focus on and remember the things that make me happy – something I’m struggling with at the moment.


Mushrooms with Mum

I don’t see my Mum nearly as often as I’d like, so it’s always lovely when I get to spend some quality time with her. On Saturday she came to Manchester and we had a really great chat about all sorts of silly stuff, went shopping and ate the best mushrooms on toast in Manchester (thanks Idle Hands for existing). We also talked a lot about my depression and how I’m handling it, which made her cry because of course it did, she’s my Mum, and she tried to buy me a holiday, which I declined. A fairly standard couple of hours together and it honestly healed me so much.

Outtakes from library shoot

My boyfriend and I shoot together a lot, and had the best time taking the photos for my most recent blog post in Manchester library, and the outtakes from it are brilliant. You can see on my face how much fun I’m having, and I always find the photos come out better if you’re being a little silly. It was a rare bright moment in last week and I want to remember that fact.


Rugged Wisdom shoot

I had a shoot with the incredible Alex (Rugged Wisdom) a few weeks ago and I got the photos back a few days ago and they’re WONDERFUL. The main photos in this blog posts are by him and they’re the best photos of me ever – I’m blown away by his talent. I definitely want to shoot with him again and these photos will be all over my Instagram and blog for a long time!

Tuna Kunt

This is a real person.

Finally getting stuff up on the walls

My Mum brought some of my Dad’s old art (not stuff he painted, stuff he owned) at the weekend and we finally got round to actually putting stuff up on the wall of our flat. The living/dining room is very close to complete and I’m absolutely loving how cosy it feels with the dark walls. All we need is a small sideboard or drinks cabinet to complete the room, and a couple more things on the walls. We’re hoping to have our house warming at the beginning of April and want to make sure that at least that room is done by then.


These are the little everyday things that tend to get swallowed up by the yawning mass that is my mood and my mental health, and it’s important to slow down sometimes and try and focus on the little things. It’s easier said than done, which is why I’m writing it down – I can look back on this when I’m feeling low and remember the silly times and the happy times.



  1. March 11, 2019 / 4:17 pm

    I love this! The little things often help pull me up when my mental health is spiraling too. Again, best wishes in your journey – you got this!

  2. March 12, 2019 / 4:12 am

    It’s admirable that you are working toward maintaining excellent mental health!
    I suspect that having less that stellar mental health is the prevalent, state of humanity as a whole. If we are aware of our neurosis it that makes us merely neurotic, as opposed to the vast majority of humans who don’t realise they are nuts, thereby revealing that they are psychotic.
    Your work toward improving your mental health (which seems way better that that of almost all Republican office-holders in the United States) seems excellent, and your healing time with your mum sounds wonderful.
    I LOVE your expressive and fun outfit photos!!!!!! Your facial expressions and action poses are fabulous! I also love the outfits you were wearing in them – they are beautiful and very artistically styled.

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