June Look Fantastic Beauty Box 2016 Review

I’m normally a lot more on the ball with my beauty box posts, but unfortunately my Look Fantastic June Box was delivered to my ex’s flat (if you want the story of why he’s my ex, click here) and I wasn’t able to get hold of it for a while.  I have it now though, and it’s a really lovely selection this month!

Look Fantastic Beauty Box June 2016 Review

The theme for June was #LFJetsetter, and appropriately all of the products included were travel sized so that you can pop them in your luggage without sacrificing much needed space for more shoes.  

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream Review

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream

First Impressions

I really don’t want major crows’ feet when I’m older, and as I slowly move closer to my mid-twenties a good eye cream is something I’m always looking for.  Apparently this eye cream contains ‘Pearlisers’ which seems like a fancy word for shimmer.  

Final Impressions

This seems like a decent eye cream but nothing to write home about.  My eyes felt much the same but a little more moisturised; I prefer my Laura Geller Spackle for combating puffiness, but the Caudalie may be better in the long run.  The problem with eye creams is they’re not designed to show results immediately, so you have to choose one and have faith with no real way of knowing if it’s working.  If anyone knows of a good eye cream with quick results, let me know below!

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser Review

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser

First Impressions

I’ve used Naobay hair products before and I am a huge fan, but this is my first foray into their skincare.  My skin is pretty dry as well, so more moisturisers are very welcome as I am of the opinion that you can never have too many.

Final Impressions

As moisturisers go, this is pretty good! It’s not too heavy and doesn’t leave a residue on the skin, so I’ve been wearing it during the day as I prefer something more intense over night.  While the product is good, the thing that really sells this to me is the smell.  It’s wonderfully citrusy and fresh and god damn I would wear this as a pefume.  I keep putting more on just to keep smelling it.

Korres Bergamot and Pear Shower gel Review

Korres Shower Gel in Bergamot & Pear

First Impressions

I’m always slightly disappointed when I get shower gels in beauty boxes, as all I want from them is to be clean and not smell awful.  They’re not something I’m ever going to spend much money on, so while different ones are nice for a change it’s not something I get particularly excited about.  This shower gel is scented with bergamot and pear, but some people will have received basil and lemon instead.  From an initial sniff it smells pretty good!

Final Impressions

As expected there’s nothing to really rave about here.  It smells great and gets me clean, so I’m happy with it and will use it up.

Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips Review

Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips

First Impressions

Whitening strips in a beauty box is a new one to me, but I’ll give them a go.  My usual go to whitening trick is just hella bright cool toned red lipstick.

Final Impressions

Well these are pretty gross.  They leave the teeth feeling sticky and unpleasant and seemed to make very little difference to the colour of my teeth.  I think I’ll just leave them as they are…

Cowshed cow pat moisturising hand cream review

Cowshed Moisturising Hand Cream

First Impressions

Hand cream is something I tend to associate with the winter months, as I don’t often find that I need them during the summer as I’m more often too sweaty than too dry.  I am highly amused by the name ‘Cow Pat’ though and approve of their humour.

Final Impressions

I wasn’t super keen on this hand cream when I used it.  My hands felt greasy for a while afterwards and the smell is way too strong and not very pleasant.  I’ll keep this for emergencies but I’m not looking forward to using it again.

Dead Sea Spa Magik BB Cream Review

Dead Sea Spa Magik BB Cream

First Impressions

I love BB creams for the summer when I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup, and mentioned the Clinique Super City Block in another post.  My only concern with this one is that it’s only SPF15 and as I burn easily I generally prefer a higher factor if I’m only going to be wearing a BB cream.

Final Impressions

Colour wise this was a touch dark for me and needed lots of blending, but that’s much the same with all BB creams for me and my Casper-colouring.  I actually got a little burnt on my nose while wearing this on the ten minute walk to my grandmother’s house, proving to me that this product just isn’t robust enough for me.  It was however very moisturising and left my skin very glowy.

Tan Organic Tanning Oil


I’m not one for tanning so have passed this onto my Mother. 

Overall this was a pretty good box, and I was particularly pleased to receive a product from Naobay.  I also enjoyed the Korres shower gel and the Caudalie eye cream, although I would have liked a makeup product in this box instead of just skincare to liven things up.  This will be my last Look Fantastic box for a while, as I’m looking into reviewing some other boxes for this blog to figure out which ones I like best.

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