It’s My Birthday! A Letter To Me A Year Ago

Dear 2016 Bethany,

Your life sucks.

Turning 25
An over-excited 25-year-old

The very fact that I’m writing this is an indication that it’s going to get better – much better. I know that today is one of your low points, but I promise that within two months everything will be different. A year later and you’re back on your feet, with a flat you like (even if the roof leaks), a boyfriend you can’t quite believe is real and a job you actually enjoy.
I know that today you think you’ve lost and there’s no way of climbing out of the pit you’re in. The truth is that you’ve hit rock bottom and it’s all up from here. The next year won’t be all sunshine and daisies, but I promise you, it’s devoid of emotional manipulation, heartbreak and betrayal. 2017 isn’t going to be your best year ever, but I’ve gotta say 2018 is looking pretty great.
Listen to Mum saying what she always says, because she’s always right: This too shall pass.
Love, because self-love is great,
25-year old Bethany (eek!)

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