In A Nutshell: May

In A Nutshell: May

With May at an end and now in June (seriously where did the year go?!) it’s time for my round up of what I’ve been up to on my blog and in my life.

Top 5 Posts in May

High Street Backpack Edit

Best of the High Street Backpacks

 My Edit posts tend to be a bit of a mixed bag (pun definitely intended) with regard to reviews.  I think this one did well as backpacks are really on trend at the moment, and a lot of the ones I had seen around were way too expensive, so this fulfilled a need.

What’s On: Manchester Summer 2016

What's On Manchester Summer 2016

 I was pretty surprised that this post did so well! Lifestyle posts in general don’t get as many views for me, but I think my discovery of @MCRBloggers and @NWBloggers and tagging them in my scheduled tweets for this post really boosted my views.

Look Incredible May Beauty Box and Look Fantastic May Beauty Box

Look Incredible May Beauty Box Review

Look Fantastic May Beauty Box Review

 Beauty Boxes are always a winner, and I find that the earlier I can get a review out the better.  A lot of people who haven’t received their box yet tend to go looking for spoilers.  Similarly, people thinking about signing up for a box search for the latest contents and find my post even though I’m not a big blogger, as it’s one of the few that are there.

King Lear at the Exchange Theatre

King Lear by the Talawa Theatre Company

This one was definitely a surprise! I absolutely loved the Talawa Theatre Company’s production of King Lear, and wrote a bit of a rave review while tagging them in the tweets about it.  They apparently liked it, as they retweeted it several times, as did a few members of the cast that I had mentioned.  The Talawa Theatre Company even quoted a part of my review in a tweet which I may have seriously fangirled about.

What I’ve Been Up To

What I’ve been up to this month has unfortunately been mostly crying and having to figure out how to put my life back together, after quitting my job and then breaking up with my long term, live in boyfriend.  I wrote a post about it and what I learned from the experience, so I’ll not moan any more here!

Sorry for my distincly uneventful month, June is already looking busier so next month’s ‘In A Nutshell’ will be a much better read!

In A Nutshell: April


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