In A Nutshell: June

It’s already time for my round up of June’s most popular posts and a little catch up!  

 Five Most Popular Posts:

My Breakup & What I’ve Learned From It

I posted this back at the end of May, after a particularly painful breakup with my long term boyfriend.  I wrote it believing it would be of little interest to anyone, but it served as a cathartic release for myself, and I hoped that anyone going through something similar would at least know that they weren’t alone.  This has actually turned out to be my most popular post of all time, and the comments and even personal emails I have received in response to it have been incredibly touching.  I’m glad that it helped people even a little, as writing it and hearing from others has certainly helped me.

Where I Am Right Now: Liverpool

This was another surprise to me!  I had never written a travel post before (if a day trip to Liverpool really counts) but this one did really well and people seemed to enjoy it, so I decided that another one might be an idea so I wrote…

New Zealand: Why I Want To Go Back

 …which turned out to be even more popular.  I have a wealth of photographs from my trip to New Zealand so this post was pretty picture heavy, but I think it did well just because how much I love the country came across.

Look Incredible June Beauty Box Review

 Beauty Box reviews always seem to do well, and this month’s Look Incredible was no exception.  My Look Fantastic box didn’t quite make the Top 5 as I didn’t receive it until late in the month.

How I Stay Safe in the Sun

As a super pale ginger lady, sun protection is my bread and butter in beauty, so I felt that a little post about high SPF products that I use daily was perfect for summer. 

What I’ve Been Up To In June:

I’m currently living at my Mother’s house, and my younger brother is back from University, so I’ve been spending a lot of time tormenting him.  No, not really (well, perhaps a little), we get along really well and had a lot of catching up to do.  I’ve spent most of June being sat on by the cat, reading and playing PS4 games that I have to play right now because they’re amazing.  Spoiler alert, some of them are but don’t tell my brother that.  There’s also been a lot of CV and cover letter writing as I frantically apply for jobs so that I can move out and get my own place again.  As lovely as it is to see my Mum and brother, I really miss having my own space.

13 Months; 13 Challenges 

I’m due to turn 25 in just over a year, and have decided that it’s time I started making the most of my life.  I’m challenging myself to attempt to learn one new skill or hobby every month until I’m 25 in an effort to prove to myself that I can stick at things and learn something new.  The details are in the post I’ve linked in the title, but I’m a week in and so far so good.  July is dedicated to resuming my abandoned Mandarin Chinese studies and I’m remembering how hard it is, but also how much I enjoy it.  Hopefully I can keep it up and let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should do for some of the other months!

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