I Put Some New Shoes On

And suddenly everything is right! I don’t know why I’ve suddenly started using song lyrics as blog post titles but there you go. Can’t go wrong with a little Paolo Nutini, and that particular song was an absolute jam of mine back when I was in uni. That and 5ive’s Keep On Movin’ were my tunes of choice for when I was in a foul mood and needed cheering up – but that’s not the point of today’s post. Instead, I’m here to chat about how I only recently realised how much my choice of shoes can influence both my mood and my outfit. Whether it’s a brand new pair I picked up in the Black Friday sales or some that I’ve owned for yonks, I’ve found that making an effort with my footwear makes a real difference.

With the change in weather I’ve dug out so many pairs of boots. Summer came early in 2017, meaning that all my favourite winter shoes were put away sooner than usual and quickly replaced by sandals and anything strappy. Come winter it was a real joy to pull out so many shoes that I absolutely love and hadn’t worn for almost nine months. I felt like I was missing a few things, hence the Black Friday indulgences, but now I’m pretty much set for winter footwear.

The Little Black Witch Shoes

As much as I love my loafers, wearing them almost every day for work, I was starting to get a little bored of them. I wanted something smart, with a pointed toe, that could pretty-up a basic outfit and bring out my inner Parisian witch. Enter these gorgeous ASOS pointed flats. They’re called flats but have a low heel, a little silver hardware and ankle straps galore. They’re a pain in the arse to put on in a hurry, but even the simplest of outfits looks like I’ve made an effort when I’m wearing them. After some initial blisters, after two days of wearing them in they’re insanely comfy despite the pointed toe; for days when it’s not too cold and the puddles aren’t up to my ankles these are fantastic, and they make me feel a bit more like me at the office.

The Statement Boot

This rather bonkers pair of boots were my other Black Friday indulgence, which I love despite a lot of people clearly hating them in my Instagram stories poll about whether to keep them. They’re extremely seventies and despite literally being two colours go with absolutely everything. The heel was the one thing I wasn’t sure I liked, as it’s quite narrow and angled and I’m normally more of a block heel girl. Despite initially feeling like everyone was staring at me and judging my boots, I now feel amazing in them. If I’m nervous in an outfit I generally wear it once and feel really self-conscious, but the second time around I’m so in love with it that I don’t care. These boots definitely get some looks, but so they should! I feel great in them, and I’m really enjoying channelling that 70s trend in an easy way that I’ll love for years. These aren’t going out of style any time soon, especially since I’m not 100% sure they’re in style now. Who gives a damn though when I love them?

The Fail-safe Western Boot

I waxed lyrical about these boots in my post about midi dresses and western boots so I’ll spare you the same spiel, but these are old favourites of mine. They’re from Topshop and I’ve had them for a good few years. My new favourite way to wear them is with a midi dress for serious Firefly vibes, but I’ve worn them with black skinny jeans and an oversized jumper and coat for yonks. It’s a classic combination that always makes me feel put together, and the style is such that they go with everything. In an ideal world they’d be an inch taller so that jeans tucked in a little more easily, avoiding the chilly ankle effect that occasionally occurs. They’re unbelievably versatile, and when I just need a good everyday boot for running around town these are what I reach for.

The Torrential Downpour Doc Martens

When in doubt, wear Doc Martens. These are my oldest pair of shoes by far, having been bought back in the hazy days of sixth form. They’re a glorious burgundy colour that goes with pretty much anything I own since I live in Autumnal shades all year round, and they get me through every winter. Ice, snow, rain, mountain climbing – these are what I reach for. If I need to ensure I stay on my feet, whether metaphorically because I’m like a new-born deer on ice or because I have to wade through the horrifying Christmas market crowds of Manchester’s Market Street, these are what I’ll grab. They’ll save my poor toes when they’re inevitably run over by a pram, they’ll give me the confidence to put my foot down and shove my way through the crowd and they support my pathetically weak ankles better than anything else, meaning I won’t suddenly roll my ankle while walking into the bank, which happened yesterday in a rather less supportive pair of shoes. If my feet are blistered from wearing in new shoes, if they’re just in need of a little protection because I dropped a mirror on them and there’s a bruise the size of an egg on my foot – they’ll save me. They were the best hundred odd quid I ever spent and worth saving up my Christmas and birthday money. If you don’t own a pair already, run, don’t walk, to the shops. This sounds very sponsored and really isn’t – unless Doc Martens would like to send me free stuff?

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise just how much of an influence shoes can have over my outfit and mood, but I’m glad I realised when I did. I’ve also realised that while ensuring shoes can be worn with lots of outfits is important, it’s also possible to do so while also making a statement. I don’t have to go for boring basic black boots; I can go for the black boots that make me feel amazing and have a bit of a heel. I’ve grown bolder in my choices and a little more confident in my style. It’s partially down to the fact that I’m currently trying to look after myself more and reach a healthier weight, meaning I’m reluctant to spend my money on clothes that won’t fit in twelve months. My shoe size has been consistent at every size, so I feel confident in buying shoes and knowing I’ll still be able to wear them years later. Restricted as I am in clothing choices, when I want to jazz up an outfit I’ve been forced to turn to my footwear. This has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to understand how much of a difference shoes can make to an outfit. More crazy boots for winter please!

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